Demand For Possession Template


Demand for Possession
OCCUPANT: ____________________________________________________________
Owner’s Address: ___________________________________________________
OWNER hereby demands that OCCUPANT immediately surrender to OWNER possession of the above-
described PREMISES for the following reason or reasons (only checked items apply):
OCCUPANT is not a lessee or sublessee of the PREMISES.
The lease prohibits the lessee or sublessee from allowing OCCUPANT to occupy the PREMISES
without OWNER's consent, which OWNER has not given.
No other person or company with authority to do so has authorized OCCUPANT to occupy the
OCCUPANT is a trespasser and/or squatter upon the PREMISES.
Other: _____________________________________________________________________
OCCUPANT is further notified that unless OCCUPANT immediately surrenders possession of the
PREMISES to OWNER, OWNER will file an unlawful detainer lawsuit against OCCUPANT and will
claim double damages (twice the fair rental value) for each and every day that OCCUPANT occupies
the PREMISES after service of this Demand for Possession.
Signature of owner or authorized representative
Certificate of Service: The undersigned certifies that a true copy of the foregoing notice was served on the ____
day of _____________, 20___ as follows (only the checked item applies): ___ by personal delivery to
OCCUPANT or ___ by personal delivery to a person at least 15 years old residing in the PREMISES, or ___ by
posting on the door of the PREMISES if no one was present at the PREMISES at the time of service.
The foregoing certificate of service was subscribed and sworn to before me this ___ day of ___________, 20___.
My commission expires: ____________.
Notary Public


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