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The Company named on this resolution resolves that,
(1) The Financial Institution is designated as a custodial depository for securities held on behalf of the Company.
(2) This resolution shall continue in effect until express written notice of its rescission or modification has been
received and recorded by the Financial Institution. Any prior resolutions adopted by the Board of the Company and
certified to the Financial Institution as governing the operation of this Company’s account(s), are in full force and
affect, until the Financial Institution receives an updated version of this form or its revocation and replacement. Any
revocation, modification or replacement of a resolution must be accompanied by documentation, satisfactory to the
Financial Institution, establishing the authority for the changes.
(3) The signature of an Agent on this resolution is conclusive evidence of their authority to act on behalf of the Company.
Any agent, so long as they act in a representative capacity as an Agent of the Company, is authorized to exercise the
powers indicated on page one.
(4) All Transactions, with the respect to any deposits (600A) or withdrawals (600B) on behalf of the Company with the
Financial Institution prior to the adoption of this resolution are hereby ratified, approved and confirmed.
(5) The Company agrees to the terms and conditions of any account agreement, properly opened by any Agent of the
Company, as long as they contain the required number of signatures for this purpose.
(6) The Company acknowledges and agrees that the Financial Institution may furnish at its discretion automated access
devices to Agents of the Company to facilitate those powers authorized by this resolution or other resolutions in effect
at the time of issuance. The term “automated access device” includes, but is not limited to our online account access
product known as TrustReporter.
(7) The Company acknowledges and agrees that the Financial Institution may rely on alternative signature and
verification codes issued to or obtained from the Agent named on this resolution. The term “alternative signature and
verification codes” includes but is not limited to, facsimile signatures, personal identification numbers (PIN), and digital
signatures. The Financial Institution shall have no responsibility or liability for unauthorized use of alternative
signature and verification codes unless otherwise agreed in writing.
Please mail forms to:
Century Bank
Overnight Address:
Century Bank
ATTN: Alan Snow
ATTN: Alan Snow
PO Box 1507
100 S Federal Place
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1507
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Should you have any questions regarding these procedures, please contact:
Alan Snow (505) 995-1210 or by e-mail or
Annette Martinez (505) 995-1211 or by e-mail
Acknowledged and received on _____________ (date) by _____ (initials)
This resolution is superseded by resolution:
Dated: ________________
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(Revised 10/12)


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