Form 102c - Soft Drinks And Other Beverages Fact Sheet


Soft Drinks and Other Beverages
Taxable Subcategory of Food—See Fact Sheet 102A
Sales Tax
Fact Sheet
Minnesota sales tax applies to the sale of soft drinks. The food product exemption does not apply to soft drinks.
Soft drinks
Soft drinks are nonalcoholic beverages that contain natu-
For sales tax purposes, beverage powders and concen-
ral or artificial sweeteners.
trates are not considered soft drinks.
“Natural and artificial sweeteners” means an ingredient
To determine if a beverage is a taxable soft drink, you
of a food product that adds a sugary sweetness to the
must review the product label. The following table pro-
taste of the food product.
vides more information.
If the product label includes *
The drink is
 Agave
 Bottled or canned water that contains sweeten-
 Aspartame
 Coffee and tea drinks that contain sweeteners
 Barley malt
 Fruit ades, drinks, or nectars that contain
 Corn syrup
 Dextrose
sweeteners and have 50 percent or less fruit
juice or no fruit juice percent shown on label
 Evaporated cane juice
 Nonalcoholic beer or near beer, such as
 Fructose
O’Doul’s and Sharps (contains barley malt)
 Fruit juice concentrate
 Pedialyte
 Honey
 Sports drinks (Gatorade, Powerade, etc.)
 Invert sugar
 Soda pop
 Maltitol
 Sparkling Catawba grape juice containing
 Molasses
sweeteners and 50 percent or less fruit juice
 Rice syrup
 Stevia
 Saccharin
 Sucralose
 Sucrose
 Other artificial or natural sweeteners
 Milk or milk products
 Apple cider
Not taxable
 Soy, rice, or similar milk substitutes
 Beverage powders or concentrates
(for exceptions,
see “Additional
 More than 50 percent vegetable or fruit
 Bottled or canned water with no sweeteners
Information on
 Coffee beans or grounds and tea leaves
juice by volume, even if they contain
the next page)
 Nutritional drinks that contain milk or milk
 No specific sweetener listed but lists
“natural flavor”, “essence,” or “spice”
 Frappuccino ® (contains milk)
 Milk and drinks that contain milk
* Note: This list is for reference only. It does not include all natural and artificial sweeteners or beverages.
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This fact sheet is intended to help you become more familiar with Minnesota tax
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laws and your rights and responsibilities under the laws. Nothing in this fact sheet
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supersedes, alters, or otherwise changes any provisions of the tax law, administrative
rules, court decisions, or revenue notices. Alternative formats available upon request.
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