Target Heart Rate Worksheet


Target Heart Rate Worksheet
Your heart is the most important muscle in your body. It is the pump that
delivers oxygen rich blood throughout your body. Your heart is made up of
___________ muscle. Like all muscles it will become stronger with use. The type
of exercise that will strengthen your heart is called __________. As it strengthens,
it will become a more powerful pump that pushes more blood with each beat. What
will happen to your resting heart rate as your heart gets stronger? _____________
To improve and maintain the strength of your heart it is important to
participate in regular aerobic exercise. Before beginning any exercise program you
should consult a doctor to be sure you are in good health.
Aerobic Exercise Guidelines (F.I.T.T. Principle)
1. FREQUENCY (how often?)—at least 3 days per week
2. INTENSITY (how hard?)—in your personal target heart rate range
3. TIME (how long?)—at least 20 minutes
4. TYPE (what?)—jogging, swimming, bicycling
Here is how to calculate your target heart rate range…
1) First of all you need the following data:
A) Maximum Heart Rate—(220 – your age = MHR)
My MHR = _________________
B) Resting Heart Rate—(count pulse at rest for 1 minute)
My RHR = _________________
2) Enter the above data in the following two formulas and solve. The formulas
represent the lower (60%) and upper (85%) limits of your target heart rate
(60%)—______ - ______ = ______ x .6 = ______ + ______ = ______
(85%)—______ - ______ = ______ x .85 = ______ + ______ = ______
3) Enter your target heart rate:
My target heart rate is:
lower limit
upper limit
How to use your target heart rate:
After at least five minutes of continuous aerobic exercise take your pulse for
six seconds. Then multiply by 10 or add a zero to the end—for example, a six
second pulse of 17 would be 170. Check to see if your pulse us in your target heart
rate range. If it is higher—slow down. If it is lower—speed up. HAVE FUN!!!!


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