Form St-105d - Resale Certificate Of Exemption


Indiana Department of Revenue
Resale Certificate of Exemption
State Form 51520
Sales to a Licensed Vehicle, Trailer or Watercraft Dealer Only
R2/ 5-05
by an Indiana Automobile Auction or an Indiana Licensed Dealer
This form is to be used only by an Indiana automobile auction or an Indiana dealer to reflect sales of motor
vehicles, trailers, or watercraft sold exempt from Indiana sales tax for purposes of the “resale” exemption per I.C.
6-2.5-5-8. The purchasers claiming the exemption must be a licensed dealer in their state of residence and must
disclose their Federal Identification Number (FID#) and their state of residence Dealer License Number on this
form, unless they possess an Indiana Taxpayer Identification Number (TID#). Failure to provide both numbers in
lieu of an Indiana TID# will void the claimed exemption and the selling auction or dealer must collect the Indiana
sales tax.
Purchaser’s Name
Indiana TID#
If not registered with IDOR, you must provide
both numbers below.
Phone # (
State of Residence Dealer#
Is this a
single purchase or
blanket purchase exemption request? (Check One)
If single purchase indicate the VIN# or HIN#
Year, Make, and Model of single purchase
If this is a blanket purchase the certificate of exemption request is applicable to all purchases unless otherwise
instructed by the buyer.
I hereby certify under the penalties of perjury, that the property that is to be purchased by the use of this exemption
certificate will be used for the purpose of immediate “resale.”
If I am purchasing a new motor vehicle(s) for resale, I further certify that I possess a manufacturer’s new vehicle
dealer franchise to sell the type of vehicle purchased, as required per I.C. 6-2.5-5-8. Failure to possess a manufacturer’s
franchise to resell the type of vehicle being purchased, shall cause this exemption to become null and void. As a
purchaser, I will become liable for the sales/use tax on such purchase, including penalties and interest.
Purchaser’s Signature
Printed Name
The Selling Auction or Selling Dealer must retain this form to document the exemption.


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