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1. Inspections and Reports:
The department may inspect, in the manner and at reasonable times it considers appropriate, all of the contractor's facilities and activities under this contract. The
contractor shall make progress and other reports in the manner and at the times the department reasonably requires.
2. Suitable Materials, Etc.:
Unless otherwise specified, all materials, supplies or equipment offered by the contractor shall be new, unused, and of the latest edition, version, model or crop and of
recent manufacture.
3. Disputes:
If the contractor has a claim arising in connection with the contract that it cannot resolve with the State by mutual agreement, it shall pursue the claim, if at all, in
accordance with the provisions of AS 36.30.620-AS 36.30.632
4. Default:
In case of default by the contractor, for any reason whatsoever, the State of Alaska may procure the goods or services from another source and hold the contractor
responsible for any resulting excess cost and may seek other remedies under law or equity.
5. No Assignment or Delegation:
The contractor may not assign or delegate this contract, or any part of it, or any right to any of the money to be paid under it, except with the written consent of the
Procurement Officer.
6. No Additional Work or Material:
No claim for additional supplies or services, not specifically provided in this contract, performed or furnished by the contractor, will be allowed, nor may the
contractor do any work or furnish any material not covered by the contract unless the work or material is ordered in writing by the Procurement Officer.
7. Independent Contractor:
The contractor and any agents and employees of the contractor act in an independent capacity and are not officers or employees or agents of the State in the
performance of this contract.
8. Payment of Taxes:
As a condition of performance of this contract, the contractor shall pay all federal, State, and local taxes incurred by the contractor and shall require their payment
by any subcontractor or any other persons in the performance of this contract. Satisfactory performance of this paragraph is a condition precedent to payment by
the State under this contract.
9. Compliance:
In the performance of this contract, the contractor must comply with all applicable federal, state, and borough regulations, codes, and laws, and be liable for all
required insurance, licenses, permits and bonds.
10. Conflicting Provisions:
Unless specifically amended and approved by the Department of Law, the terms of this contract supersede any provisions the contractor may seek to add. The
contractor may not add additional or different terms to this contract; AS 45.02.207(b)(1). The contractor specifically acknowledges and agrees that, among other
things, provisions in any documents it sees to append hereto that purport to (1) waive the State of Alaska’s sovereign immunity, (2) impose indemnification
obligations on the State of Alaska, or (3) seek to limit liability of the contractor for acts of contractor negligence, are expressly superseded by this contract and are
11. Officials Not to Benefit:
Contractor must comply with all applicable federal or State laws regulating ethical conduct of public officers and employees.
12. Contract Prices:
Contract prices for commodities must be in U.S. funds and include applicable federal duty, brokerage fees, packaging, and transportation cost to the FOB point so that
upon transfer of title the commodity can be utilized without further cost. Prices for services must be in U.S. funds and include applicable federal duty, brokerage fee,
packaging, and transportation cost so that the services can be provided without further cost.
13. Contract Funding:
Contractors are advised that funds are available for the initial purchase and/or the first term of the contract. Payment and performance obligations for succeeding
purchases and/or additional terms of the contract are subject to the availability and appropriation of funds.
14. Force Majeure:
The parties to this contract are not liable for the consequences of any failure to perform, or default in performing, any of their obligations under this Agreement, if
that failure or default is caused by any unforeseeable Force Majeure, beyond the control of, and without the fault or negligence of, the respective party. For the
purposes of this Agreement, Force Majeure will mean war (whether declared or not); revolution; invasion; insurrection; riot; civil commotion; sabotage; military or
usurped power; lightning; explosion; fire; storm; drought; flood; earthquake; epidemic; quarantine; strikes; acts or restraints of governmental authorities affecting
the project or directly or indirectly prohibiting or restricting the furnishing or use of materials or labor required; inability to secure materials, machinery, equipment
or labor because of priority, allocation or other regulations of any governmental authorities.
15. Contract Extension:
Unless otherwise provided, the State and the contractor agree: (1) that any holding over of the contract excluding any exercised renewal options, will be considered
as a month-to-month extension, and all other terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect, and (2) to provide written notice to the other party of the
intent to cancel such month-to-month extension at least thirty (30) days before the desired date of cancellation.


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