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A U.S. student or an international student who has U.S. permanent resident status who intends to stop
taking courses for a period of time may request a leave of absence (LOA) by submitting a letter of request
to the chair of the program in which he or she is enrolled. (Due to strict immigration laws, international
students are not permitted to apply for LOA status). Such requests must be made in advance of leaving
the University, and programs and departments may set their own additional requirements for granting a
LOA. If the program and department recommend LOA, the request is then forwarded to the Dean of the
Graduate School and Professional Programs.
Students who are on LOA do not have access to University resources and faculty time and are not
required to pay for continuous enrollment during the period that the LOA is in effect. The length time of
the LOA does not count toward the maximum number of years allowed for completion of a degree.
Leave of Absence (LOA) will be automatically granted to students who apply within the first eight weeks
of the current semester. Students on LOA are not “enrolled” at the University and must return to the
University by the date specified on the LOA contract: otherwise they will be dropped from student status
and have to reapply for readmission. The Registrar reserves the right to verify all information provided
on the LOA contract. Contact the Graduate School Dean’s Office if you have any questions. Contact the
Registrar’s Office if you have a change of address.
The actual length of time permitted for the LOA is determined by the department. However, the LOA
may not exceed four semesters (including summer). If a student is granted a LOA before the semester
ends, this semester will count as one of the semesters.
Students who plan to return to the University must notify the Department as well as the Dean of the
Graduate School and Professional Programs by the date determined at the time the LOA was granted. If
the student does not notify the Department and the Dean of the Graduate School and Professional
Programs by the agreed upon date, then the student will be automatically dropped from student status and
have to reapply for readmission.
Vocational Rehabilitation/Financial Aid:
Taking a Leave of Absence from the University may have important impact on your financial aid. If you
are a student loan borrower, you are required to complete exit counseling materials. All transcripts will be
held until this requirement is met.
The signature of the financial aid officer is required prior to the processing of
the LOA contract. It is your responsibility to notify your VR counselor about your LOA status.
Additionally, you should –
• See your academic advisor
• Return all borrowed books to the Gallaudet Library
• Return your parking permit to DPS
• File a change of address form with the Post Office and the Registrar’s Office
• Contact the Residence Life office or RA to start check out procedures
• Return your room key and I.D. card to the RA or the Residence Life office upon departure.
(Return I.D. to DPS if live off-campus)


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