Kwl (Student Template)


Fruit Fly Surveillance Research
K-W-L (Educator Guide)
(What do you KNOW? What do you
to know? What did you LEARN?)
Students will be using the K-W-L strategy as they research topics related to the constraints Dr. Som introduced in the
first section of the Spark 101 video, Fruit Fly Surveillance. Once the students have learned about each topic they will be
better prepared to design an observation system.
The K-W-L strategy asks students to document their knowledge of a topic. First students document what they already
know about the topic. Second, students document what they want to know about the topic. Then after doing research,
students document what they learned from the research. This strategy allows students to connect prior learning to new
researched information. By having students think about what they want to learn before doing the research this strategy
empowers the student to be in control of their own learning.
Describe the K-W-L strategy and purpose with
Select one of the three research topics as your
your students.
focus. (Each member of group will have a
different topic.)
With students in groups of three, Give each group
three K-W-L charts, one for each topic of
With group members, brainstorm what you
research. Explain that each group member will
know about each research topic and record this
select one of the three research topics as their
list under the K column of the chart.
With group members, brainstorm what you
Direct students to work together as a group to
want to know about each research topic. Keep
brainstorm what they know about each topic and
in mind the constraints given by Dr. Som for the
record it in the K column of the charts.
design of the observation unit. Record this list
under the W column of the chart.
Still in groups, direct students to brainstorm what
they want to know about each topic and record it
Individually research your chosen topic
in the W column of the chart.
recording your findings under the L column of
the chart. Remember to keep in mind the
Then direct students to research individually on
constraints of the observation system given my
their chosen topic. It is suggested to do this
Dr. Som.
research as homework, however if time and
resources are available, this could also be done in
Discuss your research findings with the other
class with a computer lab or on mobile devices.
members of your group.
After students have completed the research and
documented their learning, direct groups to
discuss their findings.


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