2009 Instructions For Schedule R (Form 5500) Retirement Plan Information


concerns, the inclusion of a social security number on Schedule
2009 Instructions for Schedule R
R or any of its attachments may result in the rejection of the
(Form 5500)
You can apply for an EIN from the IRS online, by telephone,
Retirement Plan Information
by fax, or by mail depending on how soon you need to use the
EIN. For more information, see Section 3: Electronic Filing
Requirement. The EBSA does not issue EINs.
General Instructions
“Participant” for purposes of Schedule R, means any
present or former employee who at any time during the plan
Purpose of Schedule
year had an accrued benefit in the plan (account balance in a
Schedule R (Form 5500) reports certain information on plan
defined contribution plan).
distributions, funding, and the adoption of amendments
Part I — Distributions
increasing or decreasing the value of benefits in a defined
benefit pension plan, as well as certain information on
“Distribution” includes only payments of benefits during the
employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), and multiemployer
plan year, in cash, in kind, by purchase for the distributee of an
defined benefit plans.
annuity contract from an insurance company, or by distribution
Electronic Attachments. All attachments to Schedule R must
of life insurance contracts. It does not include:
be properly identified, must include the name of the plan, plan
1. Corrective distributions of excess deferrals, excess
sponsor’s EIN, and plan number. Place “Schedule R” and the
contributions, or excess aggregate contributions, or the income
Schedule R line number at the top of each attachment to
allocable to any of these amounts;
identify the information to which the attachment relates. Do not
2. Distributions of automatic contributions pursuant to Code
include attachments that contain a visible social security
section 414(w);
number. The Schedule R and its attachments are open to public
3. The distribution of elective deferrals or the return of
inspection, and the contents are subject to publication on the
employee contributions to correct excess annual additions
Internet. Because of privacy concerns, the inclusion of a visible
under Code section 415, or the gains attributable to these
social security number on an attachment may result in the
amounts; and
rejection of the filing.
4. A loan treated as a distribution under Code section 72(p).
Who Must File
Note. It does, however, include a distribution of a plan loan
offset amount as defined in Treasury Regulations section
Schedule R must be attached to a Form 5500 filed for both
1.402(c)-2, Q&A 9(b).
tax-qualified and nonqualified pension benefit plans. The parts
of Schedule R that must be completed depend on whether the
Line 1. Enter the total value of all distributions made during
plan is subject to the minimum funding standards of Code
the year (regardless of when the distribution began) in any form
section 412 or ERISA section 302 and the type of plan. See line
other than cash, annuity contracts issued by an insurance
item requirements under Specific Instructions for more details.
company, distribution of life insurance contracts, marketable
Exceptions: (1) Schedule R should not be completed when
securities within the meaning of Code section 731(c)(2), or plan
the Form 5500 annual return/report is filed for a pension plan
loan offset amounts. Do not include eligible rollover distributions
that uses, as the sole funding vehicle for providing benefits,
paid directly to eligible retirement plans in a direct rollover under
individual retirement accounts or annuities (as described in
Code section 401(a)(31) unless such direct rollovers include
Code section 408). See the Form 5500 instructions for Limited
property other than that enumerated in the preceding sentence.
Pension Plan Reporting for more information.
Line 2. Enter the EIN(s) of any payor(s) (other than the plan
(2) Schedule R also should not be completed if all of the
sponsor or plan administrator on line 2b or 3b of the Form
following conditions are met:
5500) who paid benefits reportable on IRS Form 1099-R on
The plan is not a defined benefit plan or otherwise subject to
behalf of the plan to participants or beneficiaries during the plan
the minimum funding standards of Code section 412 or ERISA
year. This is the EIN that appears on the IRS Forms 1099-R
section 302.
that are issued to report the payments. Include the EIN of the
No plan benefits that would be reportable on line 1 of Part I of
trust if different than that of the sponsor or plan administrator. If
this Schedule R were distributed during the plan year. See the
more than two payors made such payments during the year,
instructions for Part I, line 1, below.
enter the EINs of the two payors who paid the greatest dollar
No benefits, as described in the instructions for Part I, line 2,
amounts during the year. For purposes of this line 2, take into
below, were paid during the plan year other than by the plan
account all payments made during the plan year, in cash or in
sponsor or plan administrator. (This condition is not met if
kind, that are reportable on IRS Form 1099-R, regardless of
benefits were paid by the trust or any other payor(s) which are
when the payments began, but take into account payments
reportable on IRS Form 1099-R, Distributions From Pensions,
from an insurance company under an annuity only in the year
Annuities, Retirement or Profit-Sharing Plans, IRAs, Insurance
the contract was purchased.
Contracts, etc., using an EIN other than that of the plan sponsor
Line 3. Enter the number of living or deceased participants
or plan administrator reported on line 2b or 3b of Form 5500.)
whose benefits under the plan were distributed during the plan
Unless the plan is a profit-sharing, ESOP, or stock bonus
year in the form of a single-sum distribution. For this purpose, a
plan, no plan benefits of living or deceased participants were
distribution of a participant’s benefits will not fail to be a
distributed during the plan year in the form of a single-sum
single-sum distribution merely because, after the date of the
distribution. See the instructions for Part I, line 3, below.
distribution, the plan makes a supplemental distribution as a
The plan is not an ESOP.
result of earnings or other adjustments made after the date of
The plan is not a multiemployer defined benefit plan.
the single-sum distribution. Also include any participants whose
Check the Schedule R box on the Form 5500 (Part II, line
benefits were distributed in the form of a direct rollover to the
10a(1)) if a Schedule R is attached to the Form 5500.
trustee or custodian of a qualified plan or individual retirement
Specific Instructions
Part II — Funding Information
Lines A, B, C, and D. This information must be the same as
reported in Part II of the Form 5500 to which this Schedule R is
Complete Part II only if the plan is subject to the minimum
funding requirements of Code section 412 or ERISA section
Do not use a social security number in line D instead of an
EIN. Schedule R and its attachments are open to public
All qualified defined benefit and defined contribution plans
inspection, and the contents are public information and are
are subject to the minimum funding requirements of Code
subject to publication on the Internet. Because of privacy
section 412 unless they are described in the exceptions listed
Instructions for Schedule R (Form 5500)


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