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Current English Teacher
Name of student ________________________________________________________________________________________________
has applied to a highly competitive boarding school through Prep for Prep 9. This school seeks students who consistently achieve
on a high academic level, demonstrate independence, and are of sound character. Please fill this form out as thoroughly as
possible, and rest assured that your remarks will be read and seriously considered as admissions decisions are made. Thank you
for your help. We greatly appreciate your time and effort.
How well do you know the student academically? ________________________________ As a person? _______________________
In what years did you teach the student? _______________________________________
What course(s)? _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Is this course part of a tracking system or designated as an honors or accelerated course?
___ Yes
___ No
Briefly describe your course. It is especially helpful to know what texts are used and if the students are grouped by ability.
How accurately does the student read and understand what he or she has read?
How well does the student write in comparison with other students whom you have taught? Please be specific about areas of
strength and weakness.
How well does the student accept advice or constructive criticism?
What are the first three words that come to mind to describe this student?


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