Form Mnpca-6a - Restated Articles Of Incorporation - 2008

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Minimum Filing Fee $10.00 An additional $10 fee if changing purpose.
Deputy Secretary of State
A True Copy When Attested By Signature
Deputy Secretary of State
(Name of Corporation as it appears on the records of the Secretary of State)
Pursuant to
§805, the undersigned corporation adopts these Articles of Restatement:
The restatement set out in Exhibit A attached contains the same information and provisions as are required for original
articles. Statements as to the incorporator or incorporators and the initial directors may be omitted. This restatement
was adopted on ___________ (date).
("X" one box only)
By the members at a meeting at which a quorum was present and the restatement received at least a majority
of the votes which members were entitled to cast.
(If the Articles require more than a majority vote.) By the members at a meeting at which the restatement
received at least the percentage of votes required by the Articles of Incorporation.
By the written consent of all members entitled to vote with respect thereto.
(If no members, or none entitled to vote thereon.) By majority vote of the board of directors.
The Registered Agent is a: (select either a Commercial or Noncommercial Registered Agent)
Commercial Registered Agent
CRA Public Number: ____________________
(name of commercial registered agent)
Noncommercial Registered Agent
(name of noncommercial registered agent)
(physical location, not P.O. Box – street, city, state and zip code)
(mailing address if different from above)
Form No. MNPCA-6A (1 of 2)


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