Hass Business School Recommendation Form


Evening & Weekend MBA Program 2016 Haas School of Business University of California, Berkeley
Name of Applicant (print) ________________________________________________________________
Please complete both the top and the waiver sections of this form even if you do not waive access. Ask
your recommender to enclose the completed form in an envelope, seal it, sign across the seal, and mail the
envelope back to you. Send the envelope with its seal unbroken to the Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA
Admissions office with the rest of your application materials.
Waiver Section: Applicant to Complete
I understand that federal legislation provides me with a right of access to this recommendation, unless
waived, and that no school or person can require that I waive this right.
I hereby
waive □ do not waive □
my right of access to this letter of recommendation.
Applicant’s signature _____________________________________________ Date __________________
Applicant’s name _________________________ Recommender’s name __________________________
The above person is applying for admission to the Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program at the Haas
School of Business. It is important both to applicants and to Berkeley-Haas that we know as much as
possible about the applicant’s potential for further professional advancement and capacity for graduate
business study. We encourage you to be completely candid in your assessment and to provide specific
examples whenever possible. We greatly appreciate your assistance.
At Berkeley-Haas, our distinctive culture is defined by four key principles:
1) Question the status quo; 2) Confidence without attitude; 3) Students always; and, 4) Beyond yourself.
(For more information, please refer to our website, )
Please note that federal legislation provides a successful applicant for admissions with access to his or her
admission records, including letters of recommendation. However, an applicant may waive the right to see
letters of recommendation, in which case such letters will be held in confidence. If an applicant has not
waived this right, then it is assumed that this recommendation is submitted with the recommender’s
understanding that the applicant may request to see this recommendation.
After completing this form, please enclose it in an envelope, seal it, sign across the seal, and return it to the
applicant. Your signature across the sealed flap of the envelope ensures the confidentiality of your
assessment. If you wish to send your recommendation directly to the school, please mail it to:
Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Admissions
Haas School of Business
430 Student Services Bldg #1906
Berkeley, CA 94720-1906


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