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8. Team members are also prohibited from playing while wearing items such as jewelry, illegal undershirts or
undergarments that extend below the pants
9. Undershirts, if worn, must be similar in basic color to the uniform shirt.
10. Athletic-type shoes must be worn.
11. Headgear may be worn only for approved medical or religious reasons
12. The penalty for illegal uniforms is one direct technical foul assessed to the Head Coach.
1. The minimum standard for Basketball ISC uniforms is a dri-fit T-shirt shirt with the Special Olympics Florida
logo and athletics type shorts with no pockets or belt loops.
2. Undershirts, if worn, must be similar in basic color to the uniform shirt. If the team has reversible jerseys
that are different in color – the team should also have matching undershirts for each color (if they intend to
wear undershirts).
3. Uniform shorts may not be worn below the hips.
4. Hats (head gear) may be worn only for medical or religious reasons.
5. Athletic-type shoes must be worn.
6. Regulation Uniforms must be worn for all competition, including Team Skills and Individual Skills.
Teams may advance to State level competition provided they have met the following criteria:
1. For a team to advance to Sectionals (Basketball) or State Competitions, the Team must play a minimum of
4 regulation games, one of which must be at a Sanctioned Area Level Tournament or a Sanctioned
Invitational Tournament. Two Regulation games must be played before an Area Competition.
A Regulation Game is defined as a game played on a regulation sized court/field, using regulation
equipment, officiated by recognized officials and played for the official duration based on the established
sports rules.
2. At the Area level competition, teams with correct competition in a specific division must place first in that
division to advance. When there are only 2 teams in a division, a best 2 of 3 games series must be played.
3. At the Area level competition, teams without correct competition in their specific division will be eligible
to advance to State level competition if they have met the criteria list in #1 and if, at the discretion of the
Vice-President of Sports Operations, the team will have viable competition at the State level event.
The results of these 4 games must be recorded on the “Team Level Assessment Confirmation Forms”, signed by the
coaches of both teams and by a neutral witness and submitted to SOFL by the established deadline. Each team
(coach) must sign-off on each game played.
Failure to submit these forms may disqualify a team from advancing to State level competition.
A team’s final division will be determined based on the information provided on the “Team Level Assessment
Confirmation Form”.
The Basketball Level Assessment Worksheet must be submitted for each advancing team by the State
Games Entry deadline.
Special Olympics Florida Sports Information Guide 2015-2016


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