Dd Form 2933 - National Language Service Corps (Nlsc) Pilot Detailed Skills Self-Assessment - 2009

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AUTHORITY: 5 U.S.C. 301, Departmental Regulations; 10 U.S.C. 131, Office of the Secretary of Defense; DoD Directive 5124.2, Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and
Readiness; 50 U.S.C. 403-1b, War and National Defense; Public Law 109-364, Sec. 944, Administration of Pilot Project on Civilian Linguist Reserve Corps; and Public Law
108-487, Sec. 613, Pilot Project on Civilian Linguist Reserve Corps. The OSD System of Records Notice name and number for this collection is National Language Service Corps
Pilot, DHRA 07.
PRINCIPAL PURPOSE(S): To allow U.S. citizens aged 18 years and older with language and special skills to self-identify these skills by completing NLSC Self Assessments as
an initial indicator of language proficiency. Those selected for activation and deployment will be officially tested to validate NLSC Self Assessment skills. The information collected
will be used to identify and contact NLSC Charter Members and prospective Charter Members in times of need. The collection will allow preliminary background checks prior to
any final appointment in the NLSC of only those individuals the NLSC expects to employ temporarily during the Pilot program. Background checks are not expected for the
remaining Charter Members.
ROUTINE USE(S): To Federal Government agencies requesting language support to facilitate U.S. efforts on the war on terrorism or in furtherance of national security objectives.
The DoD "Blanket Routine Uses" set forth at the beginning of OSD's compilation of systems of records notices apply to this system.
DISCLOSURE: Voluntary. However, failure to provide information may result in non-enrollment in the NLSC Pilot, and refusal to grant access to Charter Member areas of the
NLSC Pilot Internet portal.
INSTRUCTIONS: The following Self-Assessment of foreign language Listening Proficiency is intended to serve as a rough estimate of foreign language
It is not necessary to know all the words or understand all the details of the texts listed for each item number below, but it is necessary in order to perform the
functional tasks described at the indicated level of accuracy.
To estimate your level of proficiency, please read each task statement below and check "yes" if you believe you can perform the stated task and "no" if you do
not believe you can perform it. If a statement describes your ability only some of the time, or only in some contexts, you should answer "no".
(X one) YES NO
(X one) YES NO
1. I can understand someone ordering food and something to
25. I can comprehend a talk to a group of parents in my
community about the merits of parental supervision and
drink in a restaurant.
attempting to persuade them to encourage their children to
2. I can understand a store clerk telling me how much a shirt
be careful and act responsibly.
costs, and then telling me what different colors and sizes are
26. I can comprehend a talk to a group of parents in my communi-
ty about the merits of a summer internship program with a
3. I can understand if a friend introduces me to a co-worker we
company and attempting to persuade them to encourage their
happened to meet in a public place.
children to participate in the program rather than enrolling them
tn a summer academic program that provides college credit.
4. If I call a bank on the phone I can comprehend when they
tell me their schedule and their business hours the next day.
27. I can understand national and international news on the radio
or on television.
5. I can comprehend what is said to me if I call a doctor's office
28. I can comprehend what is said to me when I call the public
to verify the date and time for an appointment.
health department and complain about unsanitary conditions
6. I can comprehend what friends say to me about the kinds of
that I have witnessed in some of the area's restaurants. I can
things they like to do when they are not working.
understand what is said when they tell me about their inspec-
7. I can understand someone who tells me how many brothers
tion policies and what they will do to investigate my claims in
and sisters they have, what their ages are, and where they live.
the immediate future.
8. I can understand my friend on the phone when he or she
29. I can easily follow a sustained, heated discussion with my
tells me some interesting things to do on the weekend.
neighbors about revising the criteria by which teachers are
evaluated for promotion at a local school.
9. I can understand my friend if he or she calls me and describes
in detail the house or apartment in which they are staying.
30. I can comprehend an oral presentation at a conference on a
complex topic in my profession, and I can also comprehend
10. I can understand a friend's story about what happened to
the question-and-answer session immediately following the
him or her on their last vacation.
main part of the talk.
11. I can understand an employee who tells me in detail what
31. I can follow easily someone who decides to explain all
they did earlier in the day or what they plan to do after
aspects of their professional work to me.
leaving work.
32. I can comprehend almost everything that is said in formal
12. I can understand someone who is interviewing for a job and
situations on a wide range of topics.
describes in detail the main responsibilities that they had on
33. I can follow a 2-hour training session for new employees
a previous job.
requiring me to comprehend concepts and materials that are
13. I can understand my friend telling me what he or she will do
highly specialized within my profession.
on the weekend.
34. I can comprehend everything in representing my company with
14. I can understand someone who compares and contrasts
a co-worker at a meeting during which the company's policies
two towns or cities they have lived in or visited.
for hiring and laying off workers are being challenged by
15. I can understand someone who compares and contrasts the
community members and local government officials.
appearances of two members of their family.
35. I can comprehend a speech at a fundraising event for cancer
16. I can understand when someone tells me about their
research. I can evaluate how effectively the speaker addresses
physical ailments.
the audience, reasserts the importance of this research for
17. I can understand someone who tells me the details of the
everyone involved, and relates a personal story about cancer
longest trip they ever took.
in his or her own family.
36. My broad vocabulary and cultural background allows me to
18. I can understand a professor who describes the educational
understand anything said from sports broadcasts to college
system in another country and contrasts it with the
lectures to public speeches by political figures, so long as I
educational system in the U.S.
have some knowledge of the topic.
19. I can understand someone who states their opinion on the
37. I can understand complex speech, such as a well-rehearsed
topic of adopting children from other countries and supports
and profound sermon, a lecture on a philosophical topic, or
their views with examples and explanations.
a heated political debate.
20. I can understand someone who explains the process of a
38. I can comprehend with ease everything said at a meeting with
"fair trial" in the judicial system of their country.
community leaders and parents aimed at creating both
21. I can understand my boss telling me about a problem involving
recreational activities and summer employment opportunities
two co-workers who are not getting along, offering a suggestion
for local youths. The speaker greets the audience members,
to resolve the situation, and providing reasons for why he or
introduces himself/herself eloquently, and then reviews
she thinks the solution will be effective.
problems the community has been having with kids in summers
past when area schools were not in session, and introduces
22. I can follow a sustained conversation with friends about
the planned initiatives.
current events that I hear about on the news or read about
on the internet.
39. I can understand formal speech and informal speech,
including slang, dialect, cursing and jokes with double
23. I can understand co-workers at a meeting explaining or
discussing a project they are working on.
24. I can comprehend a presentation to students at a local
40. I can understand all forms of speech as well as a highly
college on the merits of employment in my profession.
educated native speaker of the language.
DD FORM 2933, SEP 2009
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