Business And/or Sales Tax License Application Form


Town of Silverthorne
Business and/or Sales Tax License Application
Mail to: Town of Silverthorne
$75.00 calendar year
Jurgita Christoffersen
NOTE: Electrical contractors are required to have a
P.O. Box 1309
a Business License application ONLY on file (no fee)
Silverthorne, CO 80498
(970) 262-7310
NOTE: Applications for Licenses may be denied if this form is not complete.
(970) 262-7312 - Fax
Trade Name: _______________________________________________________________
Other Business Name: _______________________________________________________
Local Manager/Representative: _______________________________________________
Local Phone Number: __________________________
Physical Address: ___________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________
E-mail Address:____________________________________________________________
Local Mailing Address (if applicable) _________________________________________________________
Business Phone: ____________________________ Business Fax: __________________________________
Type of License Applied for:
_____ BUSINESS LICENSE – Is required for any person to maintain, operate, conduct or engage in any business activity
within the Town of Silverthorne.
_____ BUSINESS LICENSE AND RETAIL SALES TAX LICENSE – Is required for any person engages in the business
of selling tangible personal property and certain services at retail and for both merchants located within the Town of
Silverthorne and those merchants outside the Town limits, but who make sales and deliveries of tangible property into the
Town of Silverthorne by mail, common carrier, or their own conveyance.
Federal ID Number: ________________________
State ID Number:___________________________
Date this business started/will start operation in Silverthorne: _____________________
Type of Ownership: [ ] Sole Proprietor [ ] Partnership [ ] Corporation [ ] LLC [ ] Other__________________
Business Activity (Select One):
Retail Sales _____
Contractor _____
Restaurant _____
Specify Type _______________
Bar _____
Professional _____
Lodging _____
Specify Type _______________
Short-term Rental
Service _____
Specify Type _______________
Other _____
Nature of Business: ________________________________________________________________


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