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Sample Cover Letter to Businesses and
Updated January 2012
Apartment Owners or Managers Receiving
Commercial Recycling Flyer
Where to Find the Sample Commercial Recycling Flyer Template
The sample commercial recycling flyer templates are available in English and Spanish on
the Institute for Local Government’s website
They are available in PDF and In-Design formats
and can be modified by the local agency to fit local conditions. Instructions on how to
access and modify the flyer templates are available at
Options for Distributing the Flyer and Cover Letter
Finding the best way to reach the right individuals in the business and multi-family
communities may vary depending upon the local agency. Agencies may want to use
multiple approaches to distributing the flyer and educating businesses. Options to
consider include the following.
 Work with your local solid waste and recycling service provider(s) to distribute the
letter and flyer.
 Include the letter and flyer in monthly utility bills or with business license
applications or renewals. Be aware, though, that this approach may not always be the
best way to reach the right business managers who have the authority to establish
recycling programs or sign up for recycling services.
 Work with local apartment associations to identify the best way to distribute the
information to apartment owners and managers directly. Local agencies may want
phase in contacting multi-family communities, starting with those that have on-site
managers (generally any multi-family community with 16 or more units).
 Work with local chambers of commerce or downtown business associations to
distribute the letters and flyers, post information on their websites, or give
presentations at meetings or events.
 Work with ethnic business associations to distribute the letter and flyer.
 Provide cover letters and flyers at local agency facilities.
 Place the cover letter and flyers on the agency’s and hauler’s website that informs
businesses about local and state recycling requirements.
Small or rural agencies may have unique circumstances that limit their options to reach
businesses. In these situations, local officials may wish to consider the following as ways
to educate businesses about recycling requirements, in addition to those suggested above.
Institute for Local Government


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