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Institute for Local Government Sample Commercial
Updated January 2012
Recycling Flyer Cover Letter
 Waste and recyclable materials collected in city/county name are processed at a mixed waste
materials recovery facility.
 Insert optional language regarding any source separation requirements for specified
 Business may also donate, sell and/or make other arrangements for pick up and recycling of
the materials. This includes self-hauling the materials to recycling facilities.
Opportunities to Save Money by Recycling
In city/county name, you can save money by recycling more and disposing less. This is because
recycling fees are less than waste disposal fees.
Opportunities to Save Resources and Help the Environment
Recycling conserves resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It extends the life of our
landfills and helps create a healthy environment for our community and future generations.
Be Sure to Educate Your Employees
Employees are key to a successful business recycling program. Please make sure your
employees know which materials can be recycled and where to place the recyclable materials for
temporary storage and ultimate collection. Copies of the attached flyer may be useful to help
educate and inform employees about proper recycling procedures.
Enforcement and Compliance Requirements
Insert information about local enforcement and compliance elements
What Not to Place in Recycling Bins
Some hazardous waste can be recycled if handled properly. Other types of hazardous waste must
be sent to a special facility. Of course, no hazardous waste should be placed in trash containers.
 Hazardous waste such as batteries, paint, antifreeze, chemicals and cleaning products should
not be mixed in with your recyclable materials set out for collection. Instead, these hazardous
wastes should be recycled or disposed of properly. For more information about proper
handling, please visit insert URL or other information.
 Electronic devices such as old computers, monitors, TVs, and cell phones are recyclable but
also contain hazardous materials. They should not be placed in recycling bins or in trash bins
either. For more information about how to manage these items, visit insert URL or other
information for e-waste collection opportunities.


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