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Institute for Local Government Sample Commercial
Updated January 2012
Recycling Flyer Cover Letter
 Got old tires? Make sure they end up in the right place by visiting insert URL or other
Where to Go for More Information
 Information about California’s business recycling requirements is available from the
California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) at
 Information about business recycling is available from the California Department of
Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) at
 Information about local business recycling requirements is available at ______.
 Insert information about how to learn about local community recycling service provider(s)
Technical and Financial Assistance
Information about how to request a waste assessment at your business is available at [insert
local agency URL or other information]
Information for Apartment Owners-Managers
It is important that both apartment managers and tenants understand the requirements to recycle,
which materials can be recycled and where to place them for collection.
 State law requires multi-family communities with 5 or more units to recycle.
 State law requires apartment owners to offer recycling services and residents to recycle.
Apartment owners may require tenants to recycle.
 Insert information about any local recycling requirements for multi-family communities.
 The attached flyer can be used to educate tenants about proper procedures for recycling.
Copies of the flyer may be duplicated; they are available at insert agency URL for printing
and distribution to tenants.
 Consider placing the flyers in areas such as laundry rooms or at garbage collection locations.
 Consider giving the flyer to new tenants when the lease is signed and annually to all other
 Consider including recycling requirements in tenant leases.
 Information about multi-family recycling is also available from the California Apartment
Association at


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