The State Sales Tax Rate Changes Instruction


The state sales tax rate changes to 2.9% beginning January 1,2001.
Changes or Closures: If you move, change your mailing
Reporting Forms: This booklet contains the forms needed to
address, change your business or trade name, or are no
report and send payments of Colorado Sales Tax for the
longer in business, you must inform this department of such
current calendar year. These returns are placed in the booklet
changes by completing the change or closure form in this
in the order in which they should be used. YOU MUST USE
booklet. If the business ownership changes, the new owner
cannot use the previous owner's reporting forms. The new
FOR WHICH YOU ARE FILING. Please be sure to send the
owner must apply for his/her own Colorado Account
remittance copy with your payment.
Number and personalized forms.
All entries of state and local taxes on this sales tax return
Records: Copies of the enclosed returns and records of both
must be rounded to the nearest dollar. You will still collect
purchases and sales, including sales invoices and purchase
and keep track of exact amounts of sales tax. Books, records
orders, must be retained for a period of three years. The
and statements or invoices to buyers must reflect actual tax
burden of proof for exempt sales rests with the seller.
amounts. It is only when you fill out this return that you
Records must be open for inspection by authorized represen-
tatives of the Executive Director, Department of Revenue.
round the numbers you are reporting. Your sales tax remit-
tance must not differ from the exact amount of tax collected
All sums of money paid by the purchaser to the seller as
by more than 50 cents. Round amounts under 50 cents down
taxes shall be and remain public money, as property of the
taxing jurisdiction. The seller should always maintain
to 0 (zero) cents. Increase amounts from 50 to 99 cents to the
sufficient records of payment.
next dollar. A return must be filed even if there is no tax due.
If there is no tax due in an applicable column, you MUST
ENTER A 0 (ZERO) in that column. Failure to enter zeros will
Colorado Department of Revenue
result in the issuance of an automatic estimated non-filer
Denver CO 80261-0013
(303) 232-2416
'00 retail sales coupon bk
1/17/01, 9:57 AM


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