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Hawai‘i Judiciary
Supreme Court Law Library
Library Card Application
The Supreme Court Law Library may issue a library card upon submittal of this application.
A library card affords authorized individuals to borrow selected materials.
Category (please check one)
_____New Bar Admittee
Verification of active membership with the Hawai‘i State Bar Association.
_____Affiliate Member
Card valid for 6 months.
_____Legal Support Staff
Application must be co-signed by an attorney with an active Hawai‘i license to
practice law. Card valid for one-year and must be renewed annually.
_____ Summer Only
_____Visiting Attorneys
Must be employed by LRB; Office of the Auditor; State Ethics Commission;
_____Legislative Service
Ombudsman; or Legislature. Application must be co-signed by department
Furnish copy of documents in an active court case or administrative hearing in
_____Self-Represented (Pro
Hawai‘i. Document must bear file-stamp. Card valid for 3 months and
Se) Litigant
renewable for another 3 months.
Note: All information will be kept confidential.
Please allow for at least one workday for processing the application.
Mail _____Pickup _____
Please type or print legibly
Card No.__________
NAME ______________________________________________________________________________
BUSINESS/FIRM NAME_______________________________________________________________
BUSINESS ADDRESS_________________________________________________________________
HOME ADDRESS_____________________________________________________________________
WORK PHONE NO. ________________________ HOME PHONE NO. _________________________
The undersigned agrees to be responsible for all materials borrowed on their card, on any card they
co-sign, and for any charges incurred for lost or damaged items.
Cardholder’s Signature ________________________________________Date ____________________
Sponsor’s Name _____________________________________________________________________
Sponsor’s Signature __________________________________________Date ____________________
Violations of any regulations shall subject the offending party to liability for loss or damage, summary
suspension or permanent deprivation of the facilities and privileges of the law library, or such other
disciplinary actions as shall be determined by the Supreme Court. Rule 12(d), Rules of the Supreme Court of
DATE OF ISSUANCE ___________________________
EXPIRATION DATE__________________________
DATE CALLED HSBA ___________________________
STAFF INITIALS_____________________________
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