Form 760c - Underpayment Of Virginia Estimated Tax By Individuals, Estates And Trusts - 2008


760C - 2008
Underpayment of Virginia Estimated
Tax by Individuals, Estates and Trusts
Attach this form to Form 760, 763, 760PY or 770.
Fiscal Year Filers: Enter beginning date
, ending date
, and check here
First Name, Middle Initial and Last Name (of Both If Joint) - OR - Name of Estate or Trust
Your Social Security Number or FEIN
If Estate or Trust, Name and Title of Fiduciary
Spouse's Social Security Number
Offi ce Use SC
Offi ce Use Payment
Part I - Compute Your Underpayment
1. 2008 Income Tax Liability After Spouse Tax Adjustment and Nonrefundable Credits
(If $150 or less, you are not required to fi le Form 760C.)
2. Enter 90% of the Amount Shown on Line 1
3. 2007 Income Tax Liability After Spouse Tax Adjustment and Nonrefundable Credits
4. Enter the Amount From Line 2 or Line 3, Whichever Is Less
5. Enter the Number of Installment Periods for Which You Were Liable to Make Payments
Line 6 Through 14: Complete Each Line Across All Columns Before Continuing to Next Line
6. Due Dates of Installment Payments
May 1, 2008
June 15, 2008
Sept. 15, 2008
Jan. 15, 2009
7. Tax Liability
(Divide the amount on Line 4 by the number of installments
reported on Line 5 and enter the result in the appropriate
8. Enter the Income Tax Withheld for Each Installment Period
9. Enter the Overpayment Credit From Your 2007 Income Tax
10. Enter the Amount of Any Timely Payment Made for Each
Installment Period in the Appropriate Column
(Do not enter any late payments.)
11. Underpayment or [Overpayment]
(Subtract Lines 8, 9 and 10 From Line 7. See instructions for
12. Other Payments
(Enter the payments from the Late Payment/Overpayment Table
below, beginning with the earliest payment recorded. Do not
enter more than the underpayment in any column.)
a. First Payment
b. Second Payment
c. Third Payment
d. Fourth Payment
13. Enter the Total Timely Payments Made as of Each Installment
Due Date From Lines 8, 9, 10 and 12
(For ex., in Column A enter all payments made by May 1, 2008)
14. Subtract Line 13 From Line 7
(If the sum of all underpayments (do not include any
OVERPAYMENTS) reported is $150 or less, stop here; you are
not subject to an addition to tax. If your underpayments total
more than $150, proceed to Part II.)
Continued on Next Page g
Late Payment/Overpayment Table (See Instructions for Lines 11 and 12.)
Date of Payment
Date of Payment
Date of Payment
Date of Payment
Payment Amount
Payment Amount
Payment Amount
Payment Amount


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