Image & File Type Cheat Sheet


Image &
SOURCE files
OUTPUT files
File Type
for logos, charts, icons, or any
for most web graphics
hard-edged graphics
displayed on the screen
Cheat Sheet
SOURCE files
HI-RES files
to be sent to the printer
can be printed at 300dpi
.ai .eps .pdf .svg
.jpg .gif .png .tif
Adobe Illustrator
Default file type of Illustrator, a popular vector-based program
.eps Encapsulated PostScript
Vector file which can be opened outside of Illustrator
Portable Document Format
Self-contained document which preserves vector images as
72 dpi
300 dpi
well as fonts or graphics needed to display correctly
Images intended for the web
Images intended for print
only need to have a
need to have a resolution of
Scaleable Vector Graphics
resolution of 72 dpi (dots per
300 dpi (dots per inch), as
XML-based vector image format supported by modern web
inch), which is the maximum
the printing process allows
resoultions of monitors
for much greater detail
Joint Photographic Experts Group
Sometimes displayed as .jpeg—this raster image format is
best for displaying photographic images on web browsers
Don’t put images in a Word doc
Graphics Interchange Format
It is difficult to extract them and results in lower quality.
Raster image format best for simple images made up of solid
Always send a larger image than needed
colors with no gradients
Raster images can be sized down without a loss in quality, but
.png Portable Network Graphics
when an image is stretched to larger than its original size, a
significant loss in quality occurs.
Raster image format best for displaying simple images,
supports transparency
Send logos as vector files
Tagged Image File Format
Logos usually need to be separated from the backgroud,
resized, or otherwise manipulated. Vector images offer the
Raster image format best for high-resolution photos
most versatility for these purposes.
Although image editing programs can do wonders, it is always
best to start off with the highest quality image possible. You
will save time and end up with the most desirable result.


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