Form 760e - Virginia Tentative Tax Return And Application For Extension Of Time To File Individual Or Fiduciary Income Tax Return


Virginia Tentative Tax Return and Application for
Extension of Time to File Individual or
Fiduciary Income Tax Return
Virginia law, like federal law, provides for an extension of time to file
which ends no later than six months from the original due date of
your income tax return. An extension does not grant you extra time to
your return. In either case, you may request an additional Virginia
pay your taxes; it only provides an extension for preparing records
extension of time to file, but the total extension may not be more than
and filing a correct and complete return. A copy of all extensions must
six months from the original due date of your Virginia return. If your
be attached to your return when filed.
income tax return is not filed by the extended due date, the extension
will be invalid and the late filing and/or late payment penalties will be
The due date of your Virginia income tax return remains unchanged
assessed, from the original due date, as if the extension had not
unless an application for extension (Form 760E) is filed and approved
been filed. If you file your tax return within the extended period and do
by the Virginia Department of Taxation. It is not necessary to file Form
not pay the full amount of tax due when the return is filed, the late
760E if you are CERTAIN that your income tax return will result in a
payment penalty will accrue on the balance of tax due as of the date
refund because penalty is not assessed on a refund return; however,
the return is filed.
the Department of Taxation by law may issue a refund only if the
return is filed within three years of the original due date or extended
Extension penalty and interest. If the tax due on the return when filed
due date of the return, whichever is later. It is important to note that if
within the extended period is more than 10 percent of the total tax
an extension is not approved and there is a balance due when the
liability shown on the return, a penalty for understating the tentative
return is filed, penalty and interest will be assessed, as applicable.
tax on your extension request will be added at the rate of ½ of 1
percent per month (or part of a month) from the original due date of
The maximum extension of time to file is six months from the due
the return to the date of filing or the extension due date, whichever
date of the return (November 1, for calendar year filers). You may
comes first. The daily interest on any tax due and/or applicable penalty
request the automatic four-month Virginia extension (September 1,
will be added at 2% over the federal “underpayment rate” in
for calendar year filers) if you chose the automatic extension of time
accordance with Section 58.1-15 of the Code of Virginia from the
to file your federal return, or you may request a Virginia extension
original due date for filing until paid in full.
Use our web site, It is the quickest and most convenient way to file your extension and pay your tentative tax. Otherwise,
complete the Tentative Tax Computation Worksheet, then transfer the balance due amount from the worksheet to the Form 760E voucher. You
must refer to the income tax return you will file for the tax year to compute your tentative tax on line 1 of the Tentative Tax Computation
Worksheet. If you and your spouse file a joint Form 760E, but do not file a joint income tax return for the year, the total tentative tax payment may
be claimed on your separate return or the separate return of your spouse. If you and your spouse each file a separate Form 760E, but elect
to file a joint income tax return for the year, enter on that return the sum of the amounts paid on the separate Forms 760E.
Tentative Tax Computation Worksheet
1. Total Virginia income tax I (we) expect to owe.
2. Payments and credits:
(a) Virginia income tax withheld
(b) Virginia estimated tax payments
(c) Overpayment credit from previous taxable year
3. Total [add lines 2(a), 2(b) and 2(c)].
4. Balance due (subtract line 3 from line 1). Enter here and on Form 760E.
Detach here and mail with your tentative tax payment. Keep the worksheet (above) with your other tax records.
760E EXTENSION - 2004
New Filer or Address Has Changed
Doc ID 763
j Fiscal Year Filer
j 4 Months Extension - due date
beginning (mm/dd/yy) _____________
j 6 Months Extension Request - due date
(mm/dd/yy) _____________
(mm/dd/yy) _____________
0000000000 3300404 000000
Tentative Tax Payment
Your social security number or FEIN
Spouse’s social security number
0 0
First Name OR Name of Estate or Trust
MI Last Name
Save the stamp.
Spouse First Name
MI Spouse Last Name
File your extension & make payment on our web site:
If Estate or Trust, Name and Title of Fiduciary
Be sure to sign the back of this form and
include payment with your extension request.
Address (Number and Street) of Taxpayer or Fiduciary
Office Use Only
City, State and Zip Code


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