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What is IRS e-file?
It’s the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to file your income tax return electronically. So easy, over 68 million
taxpayers preferred e-file over filing a paper income tax return last year. Visit the IRS website at for
all the details and latest information.
What are the benefits?
Millions Eligible for Free File!
Free File allows qualified taxpayers to prepare and e-file their own tax returns for free using commercially available
online tax preparation software.
Review online tax software provider offerings and determine if you are eligible by visiting the Free File
page at
Fast! Easy! Convenient!
Get your refund in half the time as paper filers do, even faster and safer with Direct Deposit. See page 18.
Sign electronically and file a completely paperless return. See page 20.
Receive an electronic proof of receipt within 48 hours after the IRS received your return.
If you owe, you can e-file and authorize an electronic funds withdrawal or pay by credit card. If you e-file
before April 17, 2006, you can schedule an electronic funds withdrawal from your checking or savings
account as late as April 17, 2006. See page 19.
Prepare and file your federal and state returns together and save time.
Accurate! Secure!
IRS computers quickly and automatically check for errors or other missing information.
The chance of being audited does not differ whether you e-file or file a paper income tax return.
Your bank account information is safeguarded along with other tax return information. The IRS does not
have access to credit card numbers.
Visit the IRS website at for details.
How to e-file?
Use an Authorized IRS e-file
Use a Personal Computer
Many tax professionals electronically file tax returns for
You can file your income tax return in a fast, easy,
their clients. As a taxpayer, you have two options:
convenient way using your personal computer. A
● You can prepare your return, take it to an Authorized
computer with a modem or Internet access and tax
preparation software are all you need. Best of all, you
IRS e-file Provider, and have the provider transmit it
can e-file from the comfort of your home 24 hours a day,
electronically to the IRS, or
7 days a week. Visit for details.
● You can have a tax professional prepare your return
IRS approved tax preparation software is available for
and transmit it for you electronically.
online use on the Internet, for download from the
Tax professionals may charge a fee for IRS e-file. Fees
Internet, and in retail stores. Visit for
may vary depending on the professional and the specific
services rendered.
If you do not qualify for the Free File options, visit our
Partners Page for partners that offer other free or low-cost
filing options at .
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