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will charge you interest on the penalty from the due date of the
In addition to any other penalties, the law imposes a penalty of
return (including extensions). If your return is more than 60 days
$500 for filing a frivolous return. A frivolous return is one that does
late, the minimum penalty will be $100 or the amount of any tax
not contain information needed to figure the correct tax or shows a
you owe, whichever is smaller.
substantially incorrect tax, because you take a frivolous position or
desire to delay or interfere with the tax laws. This includes altering
or striking out the preprinted language above the space where you
If you pay your taxes late, the penalty is usually
of 1% of the
unpaid amount for each month or part of a month the tax is not paid.
The penalty can be as much as 25% of the unpaid amount. It applies
to any unpaid tax on the return.
Where Do You File?
See the back cover.
Are There Other Penalties?
You can use certain private delivery
Private delivery services.
Yes. Other penalties can be imposed for negligence, substantial un-
services designated by the IRS to meet the “timely mailing as
derstatement of tax, reportable transaction understatements, and
timely filing/paying” rule for tax returns and payments. These pri-
fraud. We will charge you interest on these penalties from the due
vate delivery services include only the following.
date of the return (including extensions). Criminal penalties may be
imposed for willful failure to file, tax evasion, or making a false
statement. See Pub. 17 for details.
Chart A—For Most People
IF your filing status is . . .
THEN file a return if your gross income* was at least . . .
$ 8,200
Married filing jointly**
*Gross income means all income you received in the form of money, goods, property, and services that is not exempt from tax, including any income from sources outside
the United States (even if you can exclude part or all of it).
**If you did not live with your spouse at the end of 2005 (or on the date your spouse died) and your gross income was at least $3,200, you must file a return.
Chart B—For Children and Other Dependents
If your parent (or someone else) can claim you as a dependent, use this chart to see if you must file a return.
In this chart, unearned income includes taxable interest, ordinary dividends, and capital gain distributions. Earned income includes wages,
tips, and taxable scholarship and fellowship grants. Gross income is the total of your unearned and earned income.
To find out if your parent (or someone else) can claim you as a dependent, use TeleTax topic 354 (see page 6).
You must file a return if any of the following apply.
Your unearned income was over $800.
Your earned income was over $5,000.
Your gross income was more than the larger of —
$800, or
Your earned income (up to $4,750) plus $250.
Chart C—Other Situations When You Must File
You must file a return using Form 1040A or 1040 if any of the following apply for 2005.
You received any advance earned income credit payments from your employer. These payments are shown in box 9 of your
Form W-2.
You owe tax from the recapture of an education credit (see Form 8863).
You claim a credit for excess social security and tier 1 RRTA tax withheld.
You must file a return using Form 1040 if any of the following apply for 2005.
You owe any special taxes, such as social security and Medicare tax on tips you did not report to your employer.
You owe uncollected social security and Medicare or RRTA tax on tips you reported to your employer or on your group-term life
You had net earnings from self-employment of at least $400.
You had wages of $108.28 or more from a church or qualified church-controlled organization that is exempt from employer social security
and Medicare taxes.
You owe tax on a qualified plan, including an individual retirement arrangement (IRA), or other tax-favored account. But if you are filing a
return only because you owe this tax, you can file Form 5329 by itself.
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