Real Estate Tax Installment Plan Application - City Of Philadelphia - 2005 Page 2


Real Estate Tax Installment Application Instructions
Do not mail with your Real Estate Tax Bill
Where to file - Sign the application and mail to: City of Philadelphia
Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 53190
Philadelphia, PA 19105
This application must be filed by February 28, 2005.
This installment plan is only for your primary residence.
To ensure efficient processing, print your numbers legibly.
If you are newly accepted into this plan, you will receive a coupon book for making monthly installment
payments. This book will be mailed by May 1, 2005 and the first payment is due by May 15, 2005.
You will be notified in writing if this application is rejected.
If you comply with the terms of this installment plan, all additions will be waived. If any monthly payment is not
paid when due, you may be removed from the plan and all taxes and additions will be due at that time.
The Department of Revenue may at any time ask you to provide proof of income.
If you are accepted into this program, you do not have to re-apply next year. You will automatically
receive a 12 payment coupon book in December, 2005 for the 2006 Real Estate Tax.
Household Income Guidelines
Household Members
Maximum Household Income
If the income from the total members of your household is lower than the corresponding income limit, you are
eligible for this plan. If it is greater, you are not eligible. The following does not have to be reported:
1. Medicare benefits.
2. Food stamps or other similar relief supplied by a government agency.
3. Any property tax or rent rebate received in 2004.
4. The value of property received by inheritances.
5. The amount of any damages received, whether by civil suit or settlement agreement, on account of personal
injuries or sickness.
6. The first $10,000 from the total life insurance death benefits received.
7. The first $500 from total of all gifts of property or cash received outside of the household.
8. All gifts of property or cash between members of a household.
Senior Citizen Low Income Taxpayers
To be a senior citizen low income taxpayer, you must be at least 65 years old during 2005, or have a spouse
living in the household who will be at least 65 years old during 2005.
A payment plan of 9 payments or more will extend into the 2006 tax year. If you choose such a plan, you must send
proof of age with your application. Do not send original documents; only photocopies will be accepted.
A payment plan of 9 payments or more will cause a lien to be placed against your property. You will have to
pay the $20 lien cost to have the lien removed as this charge is not included in your monthly payments.


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