Candidate Assessment Form For Unifor Local 5555, Unit 1


Candidate Assessment Form for Unifor Local 5555, Unit 1
This tool is recommended for use in accordance with the Guidelines for a Successful Unifor Local 5555, Unit 1 Selection Process for:
unsuccessful applicants with Priority Application Status; and/or
unsuccessful Unifor, Unit 1 internal applicants considered in an open competition, beyond a resume screen (i.e.: interview,
testing, etc.).
Please send completed Candidate Assessment Forms to the Employee/Labour Relations Administrator (or HSc HR Consultant), along
with the name of your successful candidate and your Resume Screening Tool (if applicable), in advance of extending an offer of
employment, for distribution in accordance with Articles 17.05(e) and 18.04(b) of the Unifor Local 5555, Unit 1 Collective
Candidate Name
Priority Application Status
Seniority Date
Req. Code
Position Title
Assessment conducted by (Name, Title):
Assessment Type
Paper Assessment
In-Person Assessment
For Candidates with Priority Application Status: If this Candidate was appointed to the Position, would the estimated duration of
training for this Candidate exceed the 15 day Minimal Training
period as outlined in the Collective Agreement? Yes
We have selected a better qualified candidate
We have selected a candidate with priority application status
Requirements of the Position
Candidate Assessment
(refer directly to the job posting)
(attach separate pages as necessary)
For E/LR Use:
Date Assessment Received: _______________________ Distribution:
Union ______
Employee ______
“Minimal Training” is a notional threshold identifying the amount of practical training and orientation a candidate would require in order to
perform effectively the duties of the position.
“Skills” refers to competence to perform certain tasks and is synonymous with proficiency, developed aptitude or special qualifications.
“Qualifications” refers to some form of formal education, certification or training.
“Abilities” refers to an inherent capacity to do a particular thing and includes such things as initiative, reliability and judgment.
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