Form 20es - Oregon Estimated Corporation Tax - 2004

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Estimated tax payments must be made in the name of the corporation that will be shown on the tax return when filed.
• Please use blue or black ink. Do not use gel pens or red ink.
• Print your corporation’s name, address, Oregon business identification number (BIN), federal employer identification
number (FEIN), and telephone number. Each corporation is identified by a BIN assigned by the department. You may
have an assigned BIN if you make payments to the state of Oregon for payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, or unem-
ployment tax. If you do not already have a BIN, one will be assigned when your first payment is received. If you do
not know your BIN, an officer of the corporation may contact the department. See “Taxpayer assistance.”
• Check the box for calendar or fiscal year. If fiscal year, enter begin/end dates.
• Check the box for your return type: Excise tax return (Form 20, 20-S, or 20-INS), or Income tax return (Form 20-S or 20-I).
You must file Excise tax if doing business in Oregon.
• Fill in the amount of your payment. Make your check or money order out to Oregon Department of Revenue. Be sure to
write your Oregon BIN and your FEIN on your check or money order.
• Do not staple your check or money order to this coupon.
• Remove check stubs and do not postdate your check.
• If you use software to produce your coupons, be sure to save a copy of each completed quarterly coupon for your file. If
you use the coupon below, make four copies (one for each quarterly payment). Be sure to keep a copy of each completed
coupon for your files.
Mail your payment with completed Form 20ES to: Oregon Department of Revenue
PO Box 14780
Salem OR 97309-0469
Read this
Clear form
Cut Here
Cut Here
For Tax Year
Oregon Estimated Corporation Tax
Department Use Only
Date received
Tax Year (check one):
Tax Return Type (check one):
Payment Amount
Calendar Year
Excise (Form 20, 20-S, or 20-INS)
Fiscal Year
Income (Form 20-S or 20-I)
0 0
Read this
Read this
Oregon Business Identification Number
Date Fiscal
Date Fiscal
Year Begins
Year Ends
Federal Employer Identification Number
Name of corporation that will be shown on your tax return
Mailing Address
ZIP Code
Telephone Number
Check if new
name or address
150-102-022 (Rev. 12-03) Web


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