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101 South 8
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Statement of Non-Employee Compensation
City o f Lo uisville *Je ffe rso n Co unty * Mass Transit * Pub lic Sc ho o l Bo ards
(Form 1099-SF)
The form on the back of this letter must be completed by taxpayers who made payments of $600.00
or more to persons other than employees, (i.e. non-employee compensation payments) for services
performed within Louisville and Jefferson County. Taxpayers are responsible for maintaining
records of such payments, and are responsible for reporting those payments on Form 1099-SF.
Detailed instructions concerning the requirements are shown at the bottom of the form on the back of
this letter. If you have such payments to report, the Form 1099-SF must be filed. If you plan to have
someone else complete your tax returns, please give that person this packet.
The person or business whose name appears on this form is responsible for the completion of the
forms and ensuring that they are returned to our agency on a timely basis. Form 1099-SF is to be
completed and submitted to the Louisville/Jefferson County Revenue Commission, P.O. Box 35410,
Louisville, KY 40232-5410 by February 28 of the year following the close of the calendar year in
which the non-employee compensation was paid.
If you have questions, you may visit us at 101 South 8
Street, or call us at (502) 574-4860 between
8:30am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday.
Louisville/Jefferson County Revenue Commission
REVISED 2/16/2001
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