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New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
Program Overview
Electronic Filing and Payment Program
for Withholding Tax (PrompTax)
1. Description of the program
You may select from the following payment options to meet your
This overview explains the participation and filing
PrompTax obligations:
requirements of the Electronic Filing and Payment
Program for Withholding Tax (PrompTax), and
ACH debit – This is the option most commonly selected by
describes payment options. Chapter 61 of the Laws of
taxpayers, as it allows the greatest advantages and flexibility.
1989 mandates the implementation of an Electronic
With this option, you register your bank account information with
Funds Transfer (EFT) Program for the collection of
us. Then, based upon your business payroll dates, you report
withholding taxes held in trust for New York State and
your tax liability and payment information using our Web file
local governments by New York State withholding
program, or by phone. Web filing has benefits not offered with
other payment options. For example:
• You can view your payment history and schedule (warehouse)
2. Required participation
transactions at your convenience.
Withholding tax filers whose aggregate tax withheld through
• The Tax Department completes the ACH debit transactions if
Form NYS-45, Quarterly Combined Withholding, Wage Reporting,
your payments are on time.
and Unemployment Insurance Return, filed for the previous tax
year is $100,000 or more must enroll in the program
• Your account information is confidential and protected by
New York State laws and federal laws.
3. PrompTax benefits
ACH credit – You initiate an ACH credit to New York State’s
Taxpayers participating in PrompTax will benefit from the
withholding tax bank account and a debit to your own bank
account, for the amount of the withholding tax payment. You
• The enhanced ability to view and update your account
must include the required filing and payment information using
information online
the National Automated Clearing House (NACHA) Cash
Concentration and Disbursement Plus One addenda record
• The ability to schedule (warehouse) Automated Clearing
House (ACH) debit payments up to six months in advance
• Access to the Tax Department’s Electronic Funds Transfer
Fedwire – You initiate a Federal Reserve Banking System credit
to the Tax Department’s withholding tax bank account through
(EFT) Helpline at 1 800 251-2000, available 24 hours a day,
your own bank and a debit to your bank account for the amount
seven days a week
of the withholding tax payment. You must include the required
4. Enrollment
filing information for the payroll(s) you are reporting by using the
Third Party Information Area-Originator to Beneficiary
You must enroll online (see Need help?; search PrompTax), or
Information (OBI) field.
file Form TR-370, PrompTax Withholding Tax Enrollment
Application, within 20 days of the postmark date of the Form
Certified check – If you elect this option you will continue to file
TR-370.1, Notification of Required Participation. If you use a
paper Form NYS-1, Return of Tax Withheld, and to make
payroll service and wish to allow the Tax Department to discuss
payments by certified check. No electronic filing is required if you
your confidential tax account information with them, complete
select this option. To be considered on time, the payment must
Section 4 of the enrollment application, or the authorization for
be postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service at least two business
release of confidential information section on the Web
days prior to the applicable tax due date. You are responsible for
ensuring that the payment is postmarked on time.
Once enrolled, you will receive a notification containing the
6. PrompTax filing and payment due dates
Regular participants – The tax due date is three business days
• Confirmation of enrollment, including details of your payment
following the payroll date you are reporting. In order to be on
option and start date
time, you must initiate your transaction by:
• Six-digit access code
• ACH debit – No later than two business days following the
payroll date you are reporting (by 5:59 P.M., Eastern Time)
• Eight-character password (mailed under separate cover)
• ACH credit – No later than two business days following the
Please verify that the information on the enrollment notification
payroll date you are reporting
mailed to you is correct. If you selected ACH debit as your
payment option, verify the account and routing transit number.
• Fedwire – No later than three business days after the payroll
Contact the Tax Department’s EFT Helpline at 1 800 251-2000 if
date you are reporting
you have any questions or need to notify us of a problem with
• Certified check – Postmarked no later than one business day
your information.
following the payroll date you are reporting (or two business
5. Payment options
days prior to the applicable due date)
Higher education and health care providers (go to our
You are responsible for initiating the process for any payment
option you choose. Detailed instructions for completing any of the
Web site for more information; see Need help?; search
PrompTax) – The tax due date is eight business days following
payment options are on our Web site (see Need help?; search
the payroll date you are reporting. Check with your bank for the
PrompTax). Check with your bank for the reporting deadline that
reporting deadline that would ensure that the Tax Department
would ensure that the Tax Department receives payment on or
receives the payment on
before the tax due date for the type of payment you choose.
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