Instructions For Form Uco-341a - Wage Information In Support Of A Claim For Refund


Give in detail the reasons for making the claim for adjustment or refund together with the supporting facts. The claim
must be signed under oath by (1) the individual, if the employer is an individual, (2) the president, treasurer, or other
principal officer, if the employer is a corporation, or (3) a partner or a responsible and duly authorized member, if an
unincorporated organization.
If the claim is made by an executor, administrator, guardian, trustee, receiver, fiduciary, or legal representative of the
employer who made the contribution, he or she must sign the claim under oath and attach a certified copy of his or her
appointment which will establish his or her legal authority. After once establishing his or her authority, he or she must
only attach a sworn statement that the certified copy has been filed and that he or she is still acting in the certified
A UCO-341A, Wage Information in Support of a Claim for Refund must accompany this claim for refund. To obtain
further explanation or assistance in completing this form, please contact OBES at (614) 752-3929.
RULE 4141-l 3-01
When an overpayment of contributions or payment in lieu of contributions has been made by an employer, a
deduction from future contributions or payment in lieu thereof shall not be made, but an application for adjustment upon
forms prescribed by the Administrator shall be submitted. If the application for adjustment is approved a refund will be
made to the employer. 4141.23, 4141.241 (B) (6). Effective January 1, 1972.
RULE 4141-13-02
An application for refund of contributions paid on remuneration of a worker in his base period will not be approved if
such worker prior to the request for refund, filed an application for determination of benefit rights, and the employer
failed to appeal the notice of determination of benefit rights. However, under the same set of circumstances, if the
employer files an application for refund of all contributions for the reason that he was not a subject employer during the
worker’s base period, such application may be approved, but the total amount of benefits paid such worker, based on
that employment, shall be deducted from the amount of the refund. 4141.24, 4141.30. Effective January 1, 1952.
RULE 4141-l 3-03
Before the Administrator transfers any contributions to another state or the United States under the provisions of
Section 4141.09 (F), Revised Code, he shall mail written notice of such transfer to the employer who paid the
contributions being transferred at least ten days prior to making the transfers. Effective September 28, 1943.
Section 4141.09 (E) Ohio Revised Code, of the amended Ohio unemployment compensation act, provides:
“No claim for an adjustment or a refund on contributions, interest, or forfeiture alleged to have been erroneously or
illegally assessed or collected, or alleged to have been collected without authority, and no claim for an adjustment or a
refund of any sum alleged to have been excessive or in any manner wrongfully collected shall be allowed unless an
application, in writing, therefor is made within four years from the date on which such payment was made. If the
administrator determines that such contribution, interest, or forfeiture, or any portion thereof, was erroneously collected,
the administrator shall allow such employer to make an adjustment thereof without interest in connection with
subsequent contribution payments by him, or the administrator may refund said amount, without interest, from the
clearing account for the unemployment compensation fund, except as provided in division (B) of section 4141 .l .l
1 1
of the
Revised Code. For like cause and within the same period, adjustment or refund may be so made on the
administrator’s own initiative. An overpayment of contribution, interest, or forfeiture for which an employer has not
made application for refund prior to the date of sale of his business shall accrue to his successor in interest.
An application for an adjustment or a refund, or any portion thereof, that is rejected is binding upon the employer
unless, within thirty days after the mailing of a written notice of rejection to the employer’s last known address, or, in the
absence of mailing of such notice, within thirty days after the delivery of such notice, the employer files an application
The administrator shall promptly examine the
for a review and redetermination setting forth his reasons therefor.
application for review and redetermination, and if a review is granted, the employee shall be promptly notified thereof,
and shall be granted an opportunity for a prompt hearing.”


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