Instructions For Form 5500 (Schedule Ssa) - Annual Registration Statement Identifying Separated Participants With Deferred Vested Benefits - 1998


Schedule SSA (Form 5500) 1998
1. Is paid some or all of the deferred vested
report those participants who are
General Instructions
retirement benefit (see the Caution below), or
already receiving benefits as
previously reported.
Note: Type or print all information and submit
2. Returns to service covered by the plan
original only.
and/or accrues additional retirement benefits
Line 3, column (b).—Enter the exact social
under the plan, or
security number (SSN) of each participant listed.
Purpose of form.—Use Schedule SSA to report
If the participant is a foreign national employed
all participants with deferred vested benefit
3. Forfeits all the deferred vested retirement
outside the United States who does not have an
rights who separated from your company during
SSN, enter the word “FOREIGN.”
the plan year. Also use Schedule SSA to correct
Caution: If payment of the deferred vested
information previously reported concerning
Line 3, column (c).—Enter each participant’s
retirement benefit ceases before ALL of the
participants with deferred vested benefits. The
name exactly as it appears on the participant’s
benefit to which the participant is entitled is paid
information reported on this schedule is given to
social security card.
to the participant, information relating to the
the Social Security Administration which in turn
deferred vested retirement benefit to which the
Line 3, column (d).—From the following list,
provides it to participants when they file for
participant remains entitled shall be filed on the
select the code that describes the type of
Social Security benefits.
Schedule SSA filed for the year following the
annuity that will be provided for the participant.
Who must file.—The plan administrator is
last plan year within which a portion of the
Enter the code that describes the type of annuity
responsible for filing Schedule SSA. Plans that
benefit is paid to the participant.
that normally accrues under the plan at the time
cover only owners and their spouses do not
of the participant’s separation from service
Separation of a re-employed employee.—If the
have to file this schedule.
covered by the plan (or for a plan to which more
deferred vested benefit of a separated employee
than one employer contributes at the time the
Note: Government, church, or other plans that
is different from that previously reported, you
participant incurs the second consecutive 1-year
elect to voluntarily file the Schedule SSA must
may use code B (see below) to report that
break in service under the plan).
check the appropriate box on the schedule and
employee’s total vested benefit.
complete lines 4 through 5c.
Revising prior report.—Report on a current
Type of Annuity Code
What to file.—File this schedule and complete
Schedule SSA any revisions to pension
A A single sum
all line items. All attachments to Schedule SSA
information for a participant you reported on a
should have entries only on the front of the
previous Schedule SSA (e.g., changes in pension
B Annuity payable over fixed number of years
page. If you need more space, use either: (1)
amounts, plan number, etc.). This will ensure that
C Life annuity
additional copies of Schedule SSA, or (2)
SSA’s records are correct. This is important
D Life annuity with period certain
additional sheets the same size as the schedule
since SSA provides Schedule SSA information it
E Cash refund life annuity
containing all the information requested on the
has on file to participants when they file for
schedule. The information required in line 3
Social Security benefits. If this information is not
F Modified cash refund life annuity
columns (a) through (j) should be listed in the
up-to-date, the participant may contact the plan
G Joint and last survivor life annuity
administrator to resolve the differences.
same format as line 3 on Schedule SSA.
M Other
You may send a machine-generated computer
Split plan mergers.—There are conditions where
Line 3, column (e).—From the following list,
listing showing the information required on line 3
some employees covered by an existing plan are
select the code that describes the benefit
instead of completing line 3 on the schedule.
transferred to a different plan, or all of the
payment frequency during a 12-month period.
Use the same format as line 3 on Schedule SSA.
employees of an existing plan are split between
Complete lines 1 and 2 on Schedule SSA and
two or more different plans. The new
Type of Payment Code
enter on line 3 a statement that a list is attached.
administrator for each group of employees
On each page of the computer listing, enter all
should complete a code C entry (see below) for
A Lump sum
each employee previously reported on a
the information from lines 1a through 2b.
B Annually
Schedule SSA for the other plan.
When to Report a Separated Participant.—In
C Semiannually
general, for a plan to which only one employer
Where and how to file.—File as an attachment
D Quarterly
contributes, a participant must be reported on
to Form 5500 or Form 5500-C/R.
E Monthly
Schedule SSA if:
Caution: A penalty may be assessed if Schedule
M Other
1. The participant separates from service
SSA (Form 5500) is not timely filed.
covered by the plan in a plan year, and
Line 3, column (f).—For a defined benefit plan,
Specific Instructions
enter the amount of the periodic payment that a
2. The participant is entitled to a deferred
participant is entitled to receive under line 3,
vested benefit under the plan.
Line 1b.—Enter the sponsor’s employer
column (f).
The separated participant must be reported no
identification number (EIN) shown on line 1b of
For a plan to which more than one employer
later than on the Schedule SSA filed for the plan
the 5500-series form used.
contributes, if the amount of the periodic
year following the plan year in which separation
Line 3, column (a).—From the following list,
payment cannot be accurately determined
occurred. However, you can report the
select the code that applies and enter that code
because the plan administrator does not
separation in the plan year in which it occurs, if
in column (a).
maintain complete records of covered service,
you want to report earlier. Do not report a
enter an estimated amount.
participant more than once unless you wish to
Code A — Use this code for a participant not
revise or update a prior Schedule SSA (see
previously reported. Also complete
Line 3, column (g).—For a defined contribution
instructions for line 3, column (a), under codes
columns (b) through (h).
plan, if the plan states that a participant’s share
B, C, or D).
of the fund will be determined on the basis of
Code B — Use this code for a participant
units, enter the number of units credited to the
In general, for a plan to which more than
previously reported under the plan
one employer contributes, a participant must
number shown on this schedule to
be reported on Schedule SSA if:
modify some of the previously
If, under the plan, participation is determined
reported information. Enter all the
on the basis of shares of stock of the employer,
1. The participant incurs two successive
current information for columns (b)
enter the number of shares and add the letters
1-year breaks in service (as defined in the plan
through (h).
“SH” to indicate shares. A number without the
for vesting purposes), and
“SH” will be interpreted to mean units.
Code C — Use this code for a participant
2. The participant is (or may be) entitled to a
previously reported under another
Line 3, column (h).—For defined contribution
deferred vested benefit under the plan.
plan number who will now be
plans, enter the value of the participant’s
The participant must be reported no later than
receiving his/her future benefit from
account at the time of separation.
on the Schedule SSA filed for the plan year in
the plan reported on this schedule.
Line 3, columns (i) and (j).—Show the EIN and
which the participant completed the second of
Also complete columns (b), (c), (i),
plan number of the plan under which the
the two consecutive 1-year breaks in service.
and (j).
participant was previously reported.
The participant may be reported earlier (i.e., on
Code D — Use this code for a participant
the Schedule SSA filed for the plan year in which
Line 4.—If the Post Office does not deliver mail
previously reported under the plan
he or she separated from service or completed
to the street address and you have a P.O. box,
number shown on this schedule who
the first 1-year break in service.)
enter the box number instead of the street
is no longer entitled to those
When NOT To Report a Participant.— A
deferred vested benefits. Also
participant is not required to be reported on
Signature.—This form must be signed by the
complete columns (b) and (c). If you
Schedule SSA if, before the date the Schedule
plan administrator. If more than one Schedule
wish, you may also use this code to
SSA is required to be filed (including any
SSA is filed for one plan, only page one should
extension of time for filing), the participant:
be signed.


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