Sample Of Debriefing Form


Sample of Debriefing Form
Prior to joining this program, you have already known that part of the program
serves research purposes. At the beginning of today’s writing workshop, I did not specify
the details of the research. We are actually looking at how students respond to the
outstanding performances of other students, under competitive and non-competitive
conditions, and how these responses affect their self-efficacy.
Self-efficacy is the belief about one’s capabilities to produce certain levels of
performance. For example, a student with high self-efficacy in learning has confidence
that he or she can learn successfully. I want to compare how the presence and absence of
competition would affect your self-efficacy. To ensure that every student was informed
that other students had “outstanding performance”, the sentences that I read aloud in class
were in fact written by me and not other students. I expect that students’ self-efficacy
would be affected when there was competition. In contrast, students’ self-efficacy would
not be affected when they was no competition. In order to create competitiveness, I told
you at the beginning of class that you would be divided into groups based on your
performance. However, we will not do that. I browsed through your work just then and
all of you seemed to be doing quite well. I will grade and comment on your work
individually later so that you can learn and enhance your writing. In fact, in the process of
learning, it is most important to improve yourself rather than compare yourself with
others. The research component of the writing program is limited to this workshop only
and the upcoming 5 sessions are training on creative writing. There will not be any
questionnaire or investigation. I believe that all of you have mastered some creating
writing strategies today. I have prepared some handouts for you, and hope we can all
enjoy writing.
If you have any questions with regard to today’s workshop or your right as a
participant in this research, please contact the Human Research Ethics Committee for
Non-Clinical Faculties of the University of Hong Kong (Tel: 2241-5267).
Reply Slip
I___________________(name) understand the information above and agree to participate
in this research.


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