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Credit Card Authorization Form
Dear Sir/Madam,
This form has been created in order to allow you to have Shipping & Receiving expenses charged to your credit card. Please
provide all the information requested below to ensure prompt processing of your application. We ask you to please sign and date
the form before submission. This form must be received at least five (5) business days prior to the Event Date in order to ensure
acceptance of the credit card to be charged. ** PLEASE DO NOT SEND COMPLETED FORM BY EMAIL
FAX COMPLETED FORM TO: (313) 447-2138
ATTENTION: Robert George
Cardholder Information
Name as it appears on the credit card:
Card type:
Account type:
Individual (personal credit card)
Company Name:
Account number:
Exp. date:
(where statement is mailed)
City, State and Zip:
Phone number:
Fax or alternate number:
Exhibitor Information
On-site Point of Contact:
Exhibit / Company Name:
Phone number:
Fax or alternate number:
Shipping and Receiving Charges:
**Note: All incoming and outgoing shipping charges will be charged to your credit card.
Expected Amount of Packages to be Shipped to the hotel: (Inbound)
Expected Amount of Packages to be Shipped from the hotel: (Outbound)
Storage Fees:
Charges apply to any/all material received more than Three (3) calendar days before date of event, as well as items stored up to three (3)
calendar days after the last date of the event.
Banquet Room Deliveries:
Box Movement to Meeting Room is $1.00 per box (< 20 lbs.) and up to $50.00 for any box depending on size & weight. Movement of
large items, pallets & crates will be charged at a rate of $20.00 per every 50 lbs.
Outbound Packages:
Outgoing packages will incur a $2.00 per package handling charge.
I certify that all information is complete and accurate. I hereby authorize Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center to collect
payment for all charges as indicated in the Shipping & Receiving Rate Information section of this form by processing a charge to
the credit card listed above. I certify that I am the authorized signer of the credit card listed above. By signing below, you
authorize the hotel to charge your credit card immediately for all shipping charges as outlined above.
Cardholder name: (Printed)
Cardholder signature:
Marriott International, Inc. – 05/28/04 – Rev. 2.6


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