Mortgage Loan Disclosure Statement/good Faith Estimate Page 3


Liens that will remain or are anticipated on this property after the proposed loan for which you are applying is made or arranged
(including the proposed loan for which you are applying):
Lienholder’s Name
Amount Owing
NOTICE TO BORROWER: Be sure that you state the amount of all liens as accurately as possible. If you contract with the
broker to arrange this loan, but it cannot be arranged because you did not state these liens correctly, you may be liable to pay
commissions, costs, fees, and expenses even though you do not obtain the loan.
VII. Article 7 Compliance: If this proposed loan is secured by a first deed of trust in a principal amount of less than $30,000 or
secured by a junior lien in a principal amount of less that $20,000, the undersigned licensee certifies that the loan will be made in
compliance with Article 7 of Chapter 3 of the Real Estate Law.
This loan
will not be made wholly or in part from broker controlled funds as defined in Section
10241(j) of the Business and Professions Code.
If the broker indicates in the above statement that the loan “may” be made out of broker-controlled funds, the broker must
inform the borrower prior to the close of escrow if the funds to be received by the borrower are in fact broker-controlled
VIII. NOTICE TO BORROWER: THIS IS NOT A LOAN COMMITMENT. Do not sign this statement until you have read and
understood all of the information in it. All parts of this form must be completed before you sign. Borrower hereby acknowledges
the receipt of a copy of this statement.
Name of Broker/License #
Broker’s Representative/License #
Broker’s Address
OR ___________________________________________________
Signature of Broker
Signature of Representative
Department of Real Estate license information telephone number: (916) 227-0931, or check license status at
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