Form De-101 (I) - County Probate Court - State Of Maine

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DE-101 (I)
(Rev. June 2012)
_____________________COUNTY PROBATE COURT
DOCKET NO. _______________
Estate of ______________________________________
Application for Informal Appointment
of Personal Representative
Attorney for Applicant, if any
Zip Code
Telephone No._________________________________
1. Name of applicant:
2. Address and telephone number of applicant:
3. Legal interest of applicant in estate
(e.g., surviving spouse, domestic partner, other heir, etc.):
4. Name and address of personal representative whose appointment is sought (Designate mailing and legal addresses,
if they are different.):
5. The person listed in item 4 has the following relationship to decedent:
Check one:
____ surviving spouse
____ domestic partner
____ other heir
____ creditor
____ state tax assessor.
The following persons have a prior or equal right to appointment:
6. Full legal name of decedent:


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