Form Dr-501 - Homestead Exemption Application

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Instructions for Homestead Exemption Application DR-501 (12/14)
Please Note: This application is 2 pages. Both pages must be submitted to make the
application complete.
Your application, once completed and signed, may be mailed, faxed or filed in person at one of
our offices by March 1. Please refer to
Contact Us
on our website for addresses and
telephone numbers.
Florida Homestead Exemption official filing period is January 1 – March 1. Late-Filed
applications are accepted up to the 25
day after the mailing of the Truth in Millage Notice
(TRIM notice) in August.
Use the sample as your guide.
Page 1:
1. Tax Year – Enter the eligible year you are seeking homestead exemption.
2. Parcel ID – Enter the 10 digit Folio Number or 22 digit PIN number
3. Check one: New is for a first time application. Addition is for adding an exemption or
applicant to an established homestead exemption on record.
4. Check yes or no – if you have own a home in any other state or county that is receiving the
homestead rebate, circuit breaker, or principle residence benefit.
5. Give us the name for any owner who is applying for the exemption and complete the
following questions for each person:
a. Social Security Number (when the owner is married and the spouse is not listed as an
owner, we are required to have the spouse’s Social Security Number)
b. Immigration # - if you are not a US Citizen, birth or naturalized, include your 9 digit
number (Axxx-xxx-xxx). Attach a copy of the Permanent Resident Card, both front and back.
c. Date of Birth
d. Date of Occupancy – the date you moved to or returned to the subject property after an
6. Marital Status
7. Address of the home you are claiming as your primary residence (site address of the property
which you are applying for homestead exemption)
8. Mailing address, if not the same as the primary residence address.
9. Telephone Number – give us a daytime number where we can reach you, if there are
10. Did you have a tax exemption on another property during the preceding calendar year?
11. Where did you live on January 1 of the preceding calendar year?
12. Provide us the answer on the following questions for each applicant.
a. Driver License Number
b. Florida Voter Registration Number
c. Current Employer
d. Address on your last IRS return
e. School location for any dependent children
13. If there is an owner not residing at the subject property, provide us the address where they are


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