Tlc Car Lease Contract Or Agreement


* Note:-
This form is the intellectual property of Empire State Limousine. Any unauthorized downloads
from any other company is the subject of legal action and fine.
This independent contract is made effective as of
Time --------------- “Between” Empire State Limousine Services Inc.
203 ROCKAWAY AVE VALLEY STREAM NY 11580 PH 516-678 5466.
And Name___________________________ Address________________________
__________________________-Driver License Number_____________________
Issued date___________________ Expiration Date_________________________
TLC License number______________________ Issued date__________________
Expiration date________________________ SS #________ _____ ____________
In this agreement the parties who is contracting to lease a vehicle shall be referred to as “company” and the
party who is leasing the vehicle shall be referred as “Lease”
1. Description of Lease. Beginning on _______________,
week to week. Lease have to notify company in 1 week
Company will provide the running condition car as it is with a good interior & dent free
advance to return vehicle.
exterior with Gasoline as it is. Liability insurance as required NYC TLC with lease name included on car.
License plate #
YEAR: _ Primary insured
2. Term of payments. Every week _Thursday in advance $-------.00 sum of Five Hundred Seventy Five dollars
00 cents with security deposit of $-------------- which can be used for pending parking /camera/ speeding tickets
/TLC tickets /driver responsibly/street hale tickets etc. cannot use for last week payment. Security deposit will
return after 2 weeks when lease period will end.
3. Maintenance Issues if any repair is needed for car(s). Leases have to go to Company‟s appoint Mechanic shop and
perform a service on company‟s expense. The company is not responsible for any time lost but not to charge lease. If the
car(s) is not fixed on the same day, the car stays at the mechanic shop. The company will reimburse lease as long (time) as
the car stays in the mechanic shop. If the car
Print Leaser’s Name: -------------------------------------------------
Signature: _____________ Company officer sign or seal_____________________
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