Form Dte 106e - Certificate Of Reduction For Homestead Exemption For Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons And Surviving Spouses Occupying A Unit In A Housing Cooperative


DTE 106E
Rev. 10/07
Certificate no.
Certificate of Reduction for Homestead Exemption
for Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons and Surviving Spouses
Occupying a Unit in a Housing Cooperative
Auditor’s application no.
Tax year
Taxing district and parcel or registration number
Name of applicant
Applicant’s address
Property owner’s name
Property owner’s address
Homestead Exemption Tax Reduction Calculation
(See explanation on reverse side.)
The homestead described above will receive a homestead exemption for this year computed as follows. An explanation of each
of these lines is on the reverse side of this certificate.
Housing Cooperative
1.Taxable value before reduction
2.Taxable value eligible for homestead exemption
3.Effective tax rate for the current year
4.Calculated homestead reduction for current year
5.Homestead reduction for tax year 2006, if applicable
6.Homestead reduction credit for current year
County auditor


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