Quick Reference Guide - Inter-Agency Payment Vouchers - Statewide Integrated Financial Tools - 2011


October 31, 2011
This Quick Reference Guide will assist you in determining why your inter-agency
payment may be delayed. If the payment isn’t working, ask yourself the following
1. Has a bill for the transaction been created in SWIFT Accounts Receivable by the selling agency?
PV2s are no longer an option; there must be a receivable to match the voucher in order for the
payment to be made.
Two queries available to view inter-agency bills:
2. Do the vendor ID on the voucher and the customer ID on the bill match?
Did the billing agency bill the correct customer?
Did the paying agency pay the correct vendor?
3. Do the invoice numbers on the voucher and bill match?
The Invoice Number field is case sensitive on the Voucher Entry Invoice Information tab.
Do not enter additional information in Invoice Number field. The Invoice Numbers on the bill and
voucher must match exactly. No notes or dates; consider putting these in the Message field on
the Payments tab instead.
Do enter preceding zeros.
Be careful of I’s vs. 1’s. (Generally only an issue on interfaced bills)
Do the amounts on the voucher and bill match?
Must enter one voucher per accounts receivable invoice (bill) for an equal amount.
Workflow will allow multiple approvers for one voucher. Work with the billing agency if you wish to be
billed differently.
If you do not agree with the amount of the bill, then either request a bill for the new amount or request
a credit memo. Do not enter
a voucher for a partial payment amount as this will not match up so
SWIFT will not pay it.
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