South Dakota Statewide Voter Registration File - Data Request Form

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South Dakota Statewide Voter Registration File—Data Request Form
Name_________________________ Phone #_________________ Email________________________________
Business or Organization Name______________________________________________________
Mailing address______________________________ City_______________ State________ Zip__________
Pursuant to ARSD 5:04:06:07, the fees for voter lists are as follows:
Electronic data file (or emailed list):
Statewide - $2,500
Legislative district - $100
County or any other district - $15 for up to 1,000 names
County or any other district - $50 for 1,001 to 10,000 names
County or any other district - $100 for 10,001 to 25,000 names
County or any other district - $250 for more than 25,000 names
The fee for any updated partial file containing only changes made within a year after the purchase of a complete file is $250 for
a statewide file and $25 for a legislative district, any other district or county file.
Is this request for an update of a file purchased within the past year? □ Yes □ No
o If you marked YES you do not need to make any additional selections below. Please sign and date
the form and return to the Secretary of State or the County Auditor.
You must choose
jurisdiction below:
□ Statewide
□ Legislative district _______________
□ County ____________________
(list District number)
(print County name)
□ County Commissioner District_______________
(list District number)
□ City________________________ □ Township_____________________ □ Other____________________
(print City name)
(print Township name)
(print Jurisdiction name)
Would you like Voter History (past 8 years): □ Yes □ No
If you would like to limit the data you receive, choose the limits below:
□ Active □ Inactive □ Political Party____________________ □ Precinct________________________
Once your request is received you will be contacted regarding the fee and payment.
In accordance with SDCL 12-4-41, I understand that the voter registration data obtained from the statewide voter
registration database may not be used or sold for any commercial purpose and may not be placed for unrestricted
access on the Internet.
DATE_______________________ Signature________________________________
If you are purchasing a statewide list email this form to:
OR mail to
South Dakota Secretary of State, 500 East Capitol, Ste 204, Pierre, SD 57501; 605-773-3537.
If you are purchasing any other list, you can purchase that from your county auditor.
Last updated 4.21.16


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