Form Cr2e069 - Cancellation Of Partnership Statement


Pursuant to section 620.8105(7), Florida Statutes, this partnership submits the following to cancel a
partnership statement:
(Note: A cancellation of a partnership statement cannot be filed with the Florida Department of State
unless the partnership statement being canceled was previously filed and is of record with this office.)
FIRST: The name of the partnership is:
SECOND: The partnership was registered with the Florida Department of State on
and assigned registration number
This cancellation cancels the following statement bearing document number
which was filed on
Statement of Partnership Authority
Statement of Dissolution
Statement of Denial
Statement of Dissociation
Statement of Merger
Statement of Limited Liability Partnership Qualification
deferred effective date (if any):
FOURTH: Text/Substance of Cancellation:
The execution of this statement as a partner constitutes an affirmation under the penalties of perjury that
the facts stated herein are true.
Signed this _____ day of ____________________________, ______.
Signatures of TWO Partners:
Typed or printed names of partners signing above:
Filing Fee:
Certified copy:
$52.50 (optional)
Certificate of Status:
$ 8.75 (optional)


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