Instructions For Form Ftb 3541 - California Motion Picture And Television Production Credit - 2016 Page 4


Part IV – Credit Assigned to Affiliated
Part V – Credit Claimed
Corporations Pursuant to R&TC
Complete this table if you claimed an amount on line 13a. Do not include
assigned credits claimed on form FTB 3544A.
Section 23685 or Section 23695.
Line 23, column (a) – Year certificate issued. Enter the year the CFC
Line 18 – Tax. Enter the amount from Form 100, California Corporation
issued the certificate.
Franchise or Income Tax Return, or Form 100W, California Corporation
Line 23, column (b) – Certificate number. Enter the number on the
Franchise or Income Tax Return — Water’s-Edge Filers, line 23.
certificate issued by the CFC.
Line 19 – Excess credit available for assigning to affiliated
Line 23, column (c) – Credit amount available for use. Enter the
corporations. Subtract line 18 from line 17. If the result is:
amount available for use in the current year. Do not include any amount
y ‘0’ or less, enter ‘0’. Do not complete the Credit Assigned to Affiliated
previously claimed, assigned, sold, or applied against sales and use tax.
Corporations table. You do not have available credit to assign.
Line 23, column (d) – Credit claimed. Enter the amount claimed in the
y More than zero, this is the maximum amount of credit that may be
current year for each certificate listed. Do not include amounts claimed
assigned to affiliated corporations.
on form FTB 3544A.
Complete the table Credit Assigned to Affiliated Corporations if
Note: If the credit was generated by a pass-through entity, the entity
you have a balance on line 19 and will assign credits to affiliated
must provide the year the credit was generated, the certificate number,
corporations pursuant to R&TC Section 23685 or Section 23695.
and the amount that was passed through to the shareholder, partner, or
Line 20, column (e) – Excess credit available for assignment. Enter
the amount of excess credit, if any, from line 19.
Line 21, column (a) – Assignee name. Enter the name of the
corporation that is receiving a credit assignment from the assignor.
Line 21, column (b) – Assignee California corporation number, FEIN,
or CA SOS number. Enter the California corporation number, FEIN, or CA
SOS number of the corporation that is receiving the credit assignment.
If the corporation has applied for but not yet received the California
corporation number or FEIN, enter “Applied For” in column (b). If
the corporation is a non-U.S. foreign corporation, enter “Foreign” in
column (b).
Line 21, column (c) – Credit certificate number. Enter the credit
certificate number from the CFC Tax Credit Certificate.
Line 21, column (d) – Amount of credit assigned. Enter the amount of
credit that is being assigned to an assignee.
Line 21, column (e) – Excess credit available for assignment. Subtract
the amount in column (d) from the amount in previous line column (e).
Page 4 FTB 3541 Instructions 2016


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