Chore List For Kids By Age


ages 2-4
ages 5-6
Pick up toys and books
Flush the toilet
Other chores listed plus:
Wash hands
Organize toys and books
ages 7-8
Get dressed with li<le assistance
Carry own items (backpack, toys, etc.)
Other chores listed plus:
Help care for family pet
Make up bed
Put dirty clothes in hamper
Set and clear the table
ages 9-10
Help carry light items (groceries, etc.)
Other chores listed plus:
Manage personal hygiene (with supervision)
Mop floors
Load dishwasher
Vacuum floors
Write thank you notes
Sweep floors
Pack own backpack
Sort laundry
Help prepare meals
Fold and put away laundry
Clean spills and dirt messes
Wash and put away dishes
Water plants and flowers
Pack lunch
Use toaster
Empty and take out trash
Make bowl of cereal
Care for family pet
Help pack lunch
Wake up with alarm
ages 12+
Keep personal spaces clean
Complete homework assignments
Other chores listed plus:
Prepare simple meals using oven
Deep cleaning (mirrors, windows, mop, dust, etc.)
Assist with younger siblings
Clean bathroom
Keep track and take care of personal
Manage personal hygiene (unsupervised)
Yard work (mow lawn, pull weeds, rake leaves)
Put away groceries
Babysit (check your state for age requirements)
Change bed linens
Wash and iron clothes
Clean bathtub and sink
Prepare family meals
Wash family car
Maintain school and acRvity schedule
Prepare for school without supervision


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