Patriotic Paper Chain


Create your own festive fourth of July decoration!
You need:
- blue construction paper
- glue or tape
- printer
- printer paper
- scissors
- foil star stickers
1. Print out red stripes (second page) onto white paper. You may want to print our more than one
depending on how long you want your paper chain. Cut apart on dotted lines.
2. Cut blue construction paper into strips, lengthwise. Each should be 2.25” wide. Place star
stickers onto the center of all the blue strips.
3. Attach both ends of the strip together, making a circle, using glue or tape. Put a red and white
strip through this circle and attach the ends of this second one together. Keep doing this with
alternating colors until the chain is as long as you want. Hang up as decoration and get ready to
celebrate our nation’ s birthday!


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