Potty Training Example Chart


Potty Training Example Chart
*When using your potty chart, give your child recognition every time he uses the potty. How you use the chart is up to you. If your child is
just beginning the potty training process, you may want to give him a sticker every time he sits on the potty, whether he goes or not. Or, if
your child is more advanced in potty training and just needs encouragement to complete the process, you may want to save your chart
sticker for when he actually urinates in the toilet. Children at potty training age need immediate rewards. The best option is to place your
chart on the wall in the bathroom, by the toilet. Let your child put a sticker on the chart right away. You may also include other incentives
such as a treat from a treat bag, a piece of candy, a new crayon, etc. As you can see in the chart above, children may progress and regress
during the same week. Stay positive, patient and consistent, and your child will complete the potty training process successfully!


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