Community-Based Services Provision Flowchart


A Draft Informed Choice Process based on the Statement of the Department of Justice on Enforcement of the Integration Mandate of
Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Olmstead v. L.C. (2011)
3. Consider whether
4. Identify the supports
2. Identify
individuals with similar needs
and services necessary for
are working and receiving
1. Start
the individual to succeed
services in integrated
in an integrated
employment settings with
employment setting
appropriate supports
7. Offer the individual
5. Provide the
opportunities to meet
individual with
with other individuals
6. Facilitate visits or other
information about
with disabilities who are
experiences in integrated
the benefits of
working and receiving
employment settings
employment in
services in integrated
integrated settings
employment settings
9. Offer the individual
8. Offer the individual's family, if
opportunities to meet with
appropriate, opportunities to meet
service providers who are
with families of other individuals
supporting individuals with
with disabilities who are working
disabilities in integrated
and receiving services in integrated
employment settings
10. Identify the
12. Ask the individual if
objections and
concerns expressed
they're opposed to
by the individual,
working in an integrated
13. If the individual is
11. Identify remedies to
and family members
setting. If not opposed,
opposed, repeat process
address the individual's and
if applicable
begin job development
family members' objections
and concerns
for competitive job
Prepared by A. Kavitz, 10/15/14
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