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Purchaser's Name
The undersigned hereby certifies that the purchases of tangible personal property made under this certificate are made in
accordance with the exemption checked below: that in the event the property so purchased is used for purposes other
than specified, the purchaser assumes full liability and must file a return and pay the tax due thereon.
When Claiming an exemption on Page 2, be sure to attach Page 1. Both pages must be retained by seller.
Check Applicable Exemption:
Construction materials used by an entity organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a nonprofit
corporation to build, rehabilitate, or repair a home for the benefit of an individual or family in need. For purposes of this item,
an individual or family in need' means an individual or family, as applicable, whose income is less than or equal to eighty
percent of the county median income." [12-36-2120(81)].
Parts and supplies used by persons engaged in the business of repairing or reconditioning aircraft. This exemption does not
extend to tools and other equipment not attached to or that do not become a part of the aircraft;" [12-36-2120(52)].
Children's clothing sold to a private charitable organization exempt from federal and state income tax, except for private
schools, for the sole purpose of distribution by that organization to needy children. For purposes of this item:
(a) "clothing" means those items exempt from sales and use tax pursuant to item (57)(a)(i) and (iii) of this section;
(b) "needy children" means children eligible for free meals under the National School Lunch Program of the United
States Department of Agriculture." [12-36-2120(82)
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