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Complete the Health Insurance Notice for Divorcing Spouses (FORM 4):
Step 3
Health Insurance Notice (FORM 4).
Fill out, file with Clerk, and mail a copy to your spouse by certified mail. Keep a copy for your records. Not
on each other’s health insurance or don’t have health insurance? Then write that on the form.
Step 4
Fill out these papers and file them with the Court Clerk:
Divorce Agreement (FORM 5). Must be signed [and notarized] by both you and your spouse.
Restraining Order for Divorcing Spouses [Statutory Injunction] (FORM 7) which is required by law. Must be
signed by both you and your spouse. Both spouses must obey this Order!
Certificate of Divorce or Annulment. Ask the Clerk for this document. Do not use a copy. Fill out Sections
1-13 and Sections 15-18 and bring to final divorce hearing. The Court will complete Section 14.
Wait at least 60 days after filing your Complaint for Divorce (FORM 1) and then:
Step 5
Has it been more than 180 days since the last person signed the Divorce Agreement? If yes, then you must
fill out a new Divorce Agreement.
If no, prepare the Motion to Set Agreed Divorce for Hearing on Uncontested Docket (FORM 8) and take it to
the Clerk’s Office. Ask the Clerk for the next available motion hearing date and write that date on the bottom
of the Motion and file the original Motion with the Clerk.
Step 6
Go to the Courthouse on the date of your Motion to Set hearing:
Prepare the Order Setting Final Hearing (FORM 8A) and take it to the Motion hearing with you.
At the Motion hearing, the Judge will look over your documents and give you a final divorce hearing date if
your papers have been filed correctly.
Fill in the final divorce hearing date on your Order Setting Final Hearing (FORM 8A) and file the original
Order with the Clerk’s Office immediately after your hearing. Mail a copy of the Order Setting Final Hearing
to your spouse.
Step 7
Go to the Courthouse on the date of your final divorce hearing.
It’s best if both spouses go, but if you are the spouse who filed the divorce, you must go to the hearing. IT’S
BEST IF BOTH SPOUSES GO TO THE HEARING. Even though you and your spouse agree on the
divorce, the Judge still must approve the forms. The Judge may have questions on the forms. It’s in your
best interests to be in Court so you can answer the Judge’s questions. What if only one spouse goes and
the Judge changes something? You will then have to go back to Court later. Bring copies of all your date-
stamped divorce papers to the final hearing with you, along with the Final Decree of Divorce (FORM 6).
NOTE: The Final Decree of Divorce (FORM 6) must be signed by both you and your spouse.
Step 8
After the hearing, go to the Clerk’s Office and ask for a signed copy of the Final Decree of Divorce.
Copies will cost 50¢ per page – plus an additional $5.00 charge if you want a certified copy.
If you asked that your name be changed in the divorce papers, get a certified copy of the Final Decree.
If your spouse did not go to the hearing, you must mail him/her a copy of the Final Decree.
July, 2017
Agreed Divorce Instructions
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Approved by the Tennessee Supreme Court with Modifications Approved by the Davidson County Circuit Courts
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