Form 1 - Request For Divorce (Complaint)


How to Get an Agreed Divorce in Tennessee
If you have NO children who are under 18, disabled or in high school
and you do NOT own buildings or land or a business with your spouse, or have retirement benefits.
This packet has the court forms you will need to get an agreed divorce. It also explains:
What an agreed divorce is.
How to get ready for your court hearing.
Who can get an agreed divorce.
Answers to common questions about divorce.
Steps to get an agreed divorce.
What goes in a Divorce Agreement.
Do I need a lawyer?
What is an agreed divorce?
It is always good to talk to a lawyer if possible.
Agreed means that you and your spouse agree on
You need a lawyer if:
all points of your divorce AND you must meet all
You find the court papers hard to understand;
the rules below. An agreed divorce is easier and
You or your spouse has an IRS qualified
faster. It costs less than a regular divorce
pension or retirement plan;
You or your spouse own buildings or land (this
There are fewer court papers to fill out.
is called real property);
You don’t have to have a lawyer. But it’s best
You or your spouse own a business;
to talk to a lawyer before starting any divorce.
Can anyone get an agreed divorce with this
Your spouse has a lawyer;
You have questions about your divorce. The
It is only for couples if ALL of these are
court can’t give you legal advice;
You don’t know how to locate your spouse;
One or both of you lived in Tennessee for at
Your spouse over controls you or makes you
least the past 6 months OR you both lived in
afraid to disagree; OR
Tennessee when you decided to divorce;
There is domestic violence. (See page 2 of these
instructions for free legal help.)
You and your spouse have no children
together who are under 18, in high school, or
Important! Only want a lawyer for part of the
are disabled.
case? It is always best to talk to a lawyer, if
Children together means children you had
possible. Having a lawyer look at your
together that were born before your marriage
Divorce Agreement can help you.
AND any born or adopted during your
Where can I find a lawyer?
Neither spouse is pregnant;
Your county’s Bar Association. This is a
group that lawyers join.
They may have
You both want to end your marriage;
programs that can give you free advice. Or
You don’t own buildings or land or a business
they can refer you to a lawyer.
together or have retirement benefits; AND
Look under “lawyer” in the yellow pages.
Search for “lawyer” on the internet.
You can agree on alimony and how to divide
Ask divorced friends which lawyer they used.
your property, and will both sign a Divorce
Check the Administrative Office of the Court’s
Agreement (Form 5).
website at:
and the Court's
Access to Justice website,
If any of these are not true for you, you
can’t use this packet! Talk to a lawyer.
July 2017
Agreed Divorce Instructions
Page 1 of 7
Approved by the Tennessee Supreme Court


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